High-speed motorcycle chase through LA County ends in Anaheim
A motorcyclist led authorities on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles County before surrendering to CHP officers in Anaheim Wednesday night. Full story: abc7.com/chase-chp-motorcycle-pursuit-los-angeles-county/10349766/

  • Jack Tolerico
    Jack Tolerico

    Alright, at least he was wearing a helmet!

  • Yaasir Ajmeri
    Yaasir Ajmeri

    Watch the supercarsuspects video. He was in the vlog. And the cops came, so then the chase started. 😂

  • Fernando Guglielmi
    Fernando Guglielmi

    That mean never buy a Honda 650 buy a 1000cc😂

  • Adam Herrera
    Adam Herrera

    That was me on GTA rn

  • shraget fraget
    shraget fraget

    supercarsuspects bettttttttttt

  • TeleostElm3 papaT
    TeleostElm3 papaT

    Supercar suspects

  • Dhidotz channel
    Dhidotz channel

    Lhah muk ngono tok bakno

  • Keysa Fikri
    Keysa Fikri

    here after the supercar suspect

  • Jake Hutzezon
    Jake Hutzezon

    Should've went for the trees

  • Nina Nikk
    Nina Nikk

    If you’re on a high pursuit chase on a motorcycle by helicopter just ride to the airport because helicopters are not allowed to fly near there lol

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith

    Anyone here from theSuperCarSuspects

  • Samin Yasar Khan
    Samin Yasar Khan

    Smart guy. America could use more of those.

  • Te akanui Barrett
    Te akanui Barrett

    Came from supercarsuspect

  • Donovan Morales
    Donovan Morales

    If you guys didn’t know he started running from the cops during a little takeover in LA

  • Infinite Flight Shorts-IFS
    Infinite Flight Shorts-IFS

    Who here from supercar suspects😂

  • DiggaP

    Anyone from supe car suspect??

    • Dereck Quiles
      Dereck Quiles

      Hey 🤫

    • Elite Nate a yt ツ
      Elite Nate a yt ツ


  • WOLF

    Saw this on the SuperCar suspect channel

    • Elite Nate a yt ツ
      Elite Nate a yt ツ


  • Matthew McLaughlin
    Matthew McLaughlin

    Who is here from Supercar Suspects?

    • Nick Silva
      Nick Silva


    • surxea


    • Tiro TD
      Tiro TD


    • KingD Gaming
      KingD Gaming


    • Shiloh Toney
      Shiloh Toney


  • Lil Home State Est. 2014
    Lil Home State Est. 2014

    Supercar Suspects on LV-home brought me here

    • Dereck Quiles
      Dereck Quiles

      Stop sniching

    • Elite Nate a yt ツ
      Elite Nate a yt ツ


  • dorimeYK

    I'm here from thesupercar suspects 😂

  • DARK_FOX096

    Shoulda called lester

  • SuperMe_PL

    at least he had helmet on.

  • Kunal Tipre
    Kunal Tipre

    Im waiting for a helicopter pursuit. Who will chase it

  • Saturn

    These are the dudes you need to shoot dead officer......

  • Lennart Wilde
    Lennart Wilde

    At least fuel tank is bigger in cars sooo, what the you guys think doing this

  • Nayton Martelli
    Nayton Martelli

    The only charge a speeding ticket there is avoiding the police he is p cutting others in risk for speeding

  • wan dae
    wan dae

    You cant pit maneuver nor spike strip a motorcycle. Clearly the reporter is not a motorcycle rider 🤦‍♂️

  • Zack Kilgore
    Zack Kilgore

    Awwww come on man I watched a hellcat escape you can too 😂

  • Griffin Bell
    Griffin Bell

    That spotlight operator was having a fucking seizure

  • PieMan001

    Well that was boring!

  • Tyrone Ball
    Tyrone Ball

    i saw this chase on a car show video

  • Lawrence Nannes
    Lawrence Nannes

    Had his fun!!!llol!!!seem to be worth it!!! As a biker it is worth it!!!thumbs up

  • 93 Jmac
    93 Jmac

    “Well it looks like they got’em”

  • Taylor Chafin
    Taylor Chafin

    all of these tax dollars to chase a motorcycle?🤦

  • Brewtank

    Xqc on no pixel 2.0

  • Ahmed Monir
    Ahmed Monir

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  • Edison73100

    Why aren't they busting celebrities for drug offenses?

  • Jos Joseph
    Jos Joseph

    At the end ma man was like yeah i'm done,here's the keys on the ground and yeah i know the drill no worries officers😂

  • Steve

    CLICKBAIT !!!!

  • The Lone Wolffe
    The Lone Wolffe

    At least he wore a helmet 😂😂


    When you get 3 stars in GTA 😂

  • Vishak Sk
    Vishak Sk

    Watch this on 1.5x or 1.75x that will be more interesting .

  • デミロード

    Mans ran out of gas 😩

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Came here from fresh kicks

  • Juuworkdays


    • riiley


  • HandledDrift

    Guys he’s on freshkicks yt channel

    • Ernie Tapia
      Ernie Tapia

      that's where I came from haha

  • Simple Frankie
    Simple Frankie

    He is a rookie

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez

    I have the same bike lol

  • Himanshu Rawat
    Himanshu Rawat

    Do USA teach how to surrender in school.

  • Earl Hughes
    Earl Hughes

    lol lol lol

  • Carmel Fradrick
    Carmel Fradrick

    To catch a guy on a motorcycle they called in copters. Dude he has a 4 gallon tank.

  • Devil’s Reject
    Devil’s Reject

    I was in jail once. (Made a dumbass decision and got caught) There was a man that was in the pod I was in that I talked to from time to time and he said to me, “I look at it (jail time) as paying your taxes. Imagine if we had to spend time for every single crime we have ever committed.” That kind of hit me deep. I still remember him saying that to this day.

  • tmctomas


  • Frosty3001

    0/10, didn't have spiky hair and a giant sword

  • Roger T Mann
    Roger T Mann

    Just another dumb biker. Take away his license FOREVER.

  • Robbie H
    Robbie H

    This is perfect example of guy realizing he's not going to get away and then following the orders from the cops avoiding being shot. See how easy things go when you stop being stupid when dealing with police.

  • Chris Prado
    Chris Prado

    Bro this dude got a 300 kawi 😭😭😭😭😭

  • El Boss 956
    El Boss 956

    Guys look up Ariandcars, it will make more sense why he ran, well kinda.

  • XCrazyAssassinX


  • Mulec

    "High speed"

  • Snooze for 10 mins
    Snooze for 10 mins

    Is chandler watching this?

  • FrancisSpeak Life
    FrancisSpeak Life

    was it a 250 or 300cc bike ? lmao

  • Mhamad Attieh
    Mhamad Attieh

    His controller disconnected when he had 4 stars

  • Vital Ral
    Vital Ral

    2 or more helicopters to chase a bike. i tell ya police is over funded.

    • Devil’s Reject
      Devil’s Reject

      I think one was a news chopper.

  • kevin couture
    kevin couture

    why the idiot get on a freeway should have ran to a busy city street

  • ~(Rogue Jedi)~
    ~(Rogue Jedi)~

    Trying to outrun the chopper like that dodge did

    • ClutchGamer

      @puma.will. pounce i wonder why they never take exits and blend into normal traffic or go into more city areas to hide easier

    • puma.will. pounce
      puma.will. pounce

      The key to outrunning a helicopter is to go slow as it uses up more fuel. A motorcycle has more fuel endurance than a helicopter assuming both tanks are topped off. And it's highly unlikely that the helicopter would enter a pursuit with its fuel tank topped off.

  • Deborah Falzone
    Deborah Falzone

    Does this guy have a death wish? He's damned lucky he was not hit by a car or wrecked. Damn fools.

  • Alphawolf

    Ahh yes los santos why not just take the hidden path to lose them faster if you know what I’m talking about 😂



  • Florida Bearded WoodWorker
    Florida Bearded WoodWorker

    Im so glad Isaac Washington from the love boat is a reporter for abc7

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia

    Don't play too much GTA lol

  • Dominic Cicio
    Dominic Cicio

    Anyone here from tik tok

  • BMW HP4
    BMW HP4

    Slow bike

  • Muneeb ali
    Muneeb ali

    Need for speed

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    this dude plays too much GTA..

  • SS 43
    SS 43

    All that for a speeding ticket? Wow.


    Let my mans go He had 1 star 🤣🤣

  • nate

    Hes only risking his own life, just like you can drink while snowboarding down a mountain without getting in trouble

  • NewJerseyJay

    Dumbasses on motorycles.. traffic fines should be doubled for those that run from law enforcement on a motorcycles.

  • Mike Svevad
    Mike Svevad

    Needs to go faster than that. I’ll give you guys a good chase hahahaha. Hope those cars can do 180+

  • 903Assen Gsxr
    903Assen Gsxr

    Lol we waisted all this energy on a speeder

  • Ace Tech
    Ace Tech

    When he sees is insurance quote on a new bike, he is gonna regret this.

  • Juan Carlos Estrada
    Juan Carlos Estrada

    Yo yo does any body know this guys hes name its luis ... I was in L.A county jail with him he got court until april i trying to get a hold off his mom so he can get bail out ....get at me on Juancarlos5051.jce@gmail.com He gave me his moms number but i lost it on the process off me getting out off jail.. Please help me get a hold off his mom By the way FUCK THE POLICE 👮

  • ramiro salinas
    ramiro salinas

    who saw this on freshkicks snap?

  • Auggie

    motorcycle accidents seem to be the preferred choice of organ donations

  • chris

    either ran out of fuel or blew up the engine

  • tk106

    Hope they catch all these ijiots bikers and take their license for a looooong time



  • Tyler

    Dude is legit running away from the police and the guy says he’s only speeding

  • Nicolas Silva
    Nicolas Silva

    A motorcycle thinking it can outrun a helicopter lol

    • no way sam
      no way sam

      it can be done

  • random bastid
    random bastid

    Why do you bastids keep having problems with audio, get with the program please!!

  • Jeremiah Mcmiller
    Jeremiah Mcmiller

    His bike was slow, I got a 1K that would’ve dusted all that

    • Ace Tech
      Ace Tech

      @General Yellor Yeap.

    • General Yellor
      General Yellor

      You're what us longtime riders call a SQUID.

  • Caleb Holland
    Caleb Holland

    “Not aware of any other crimes other than speed” Um he’s committing a felony haha

  • Sharif Parvanta
    Sharif Parvanta

    Have fun in jail buddy

  • pontiac g8
    pontiac g8

    Lady's and gentlemen and that is why you always get a 1000 and not a 600..

  • tone

    all for speeding lol??

  • Henry Bleck
    Henry Bleck

    See you in 5 years LV-home

  • Alex Pie123
    Alex Pie123

    I think in EVERY news channel reporting on Police chases they always have something like: “the chase ends.....”

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    If he was on a ninja h2 he would’ve been gone

    • Ace Tech
      Ace Tech

      @Devil’s Reject same stuff. Street and dirt bikes are pretty much the same for gearing front and rear. And yeap up in the back down in the front for low end. Down in the back and up in the front for high end. Cheers!

    • Devil’s Reject
      Devil’s Reject

      @Ace Tech I’ve never owned a street bike but have had plenty of dirt bikes and atvs amd down teeth in the front and up in the back decreases top speed and increases acceleration. Up in the front and down in the back increase top speed. So, (not being a smartass just honestly curious) was that a typo or are streetbikes different?

    • Ace Tech
      Ace Tech

      @Christian Lance #72 Only the old bois. 2007 600s tops out around 157-160 tops. New regulated 600s tops out a 149-147. If you send in the ECU or go 2 down in teh front sprocket and 1 up in the back you get about 167-179 tops. That is what i had to do to my 636. After a while I just bout litre bikes. My new bikes top out at 213 for my ZX10 ECU'ed and 220 for my GSXR-1000 2020. I know a guy with a honda CBR1000R-RR-RRRRR *inside joke* fireblade that does 230. Other then that the busas can hit 230 easily with a simple ECU and Dyno jet tune PCV

    • Christian Lance #72
      Christian Lance #72

      @Ace Tech True, I think they can get places fast, that's to me tho! Don't 600s top out at like 154 or 158? Seems slow as hell, 147? 😂

    • Ace Tech
      Ace Tech

      @Christian Lance #72 600s only top out a 146 and the honda CBR 600 only tops at 147, malibu's top put a 173. It ain't outriniing anything lol. I had the same bike even had a 636 and a 650R, none of my 600s would outrun cops.......

  • Dennis Osborne
    Dennis Osborne

    If he wanted to he could have pulled off exit and loose them in town

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