Suspect runs into freeway traffic after stolen-van chase through West LA | ABC7 Los Angeles
A suspect who ran onto freeway lanes and avoided getting hit by passing vehicles after a stolen-van chase through West Los Angeles Tuesday evening was taken into custody by LAPD. Full story:

  • Tina Bowden
    Tina Bowden

    Good they have him

  • Vital Ral
    Vital Ral

    nice. police was keeping his escape route lit up all the way. by few helicopters. police is definitely over funded.

  • Ahmed Monir
    Ahmed Monir

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  • Tyler Churchwell
    Tyler Churchwell

    I need one of those vans, that thing hauls.

  • Jackie Elliott
    Jackie Elliott

    It's a woman driver

  • Thomas Souza
    Thomas Souza

    Here's another potential commercial body part donor that is just honing his criminal skills in order to graduate into the next grade; which is murder and drug distribution.

  • RonRon's World
    RonRon's World

    The amount of car chases in L.A is truly astounding..

  • Kelly Harcrow
    Kelly Harcrow

    I need a nap now. I felt all of that hike.

  • Looop

    0:57 "right under freeway, and he would come out the other side here..." Really....😭 "Such a dangerous driver" Really...😂 Thi guy should go to jail for so mutch distortion of reality. He is dangerous, why he still talk in medias ?

  • Inori Kwanon
    Inori Kwanon

    What a bad TV footage!

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie

    Idiot...He shoulda went into a Ross and changed clothes and went out the back.


    You guys f&%*ng suck


    This video would of been way better if it didn't have audio.. this freak talking is annoying.

  • L G
    L G

    A lot of thieves in LA !!

  • Brad

    I am wondering why he didn't just follow the past under the freeway

    • Amzar Nacht
      Amzar Nacht

      The biker did... and the biker was having none of that guy. Too bad it's cali. If it had been someplace like TX or FL the guy would've had him proned out or, the moment he tried to take the bike, DRT him on the spot and let the uniforms clean up the mess.

  • Ron Metoyer
    Ron Metoyer

    I Luv L.A.

  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase

    I miss the pre-Corona Virus broadcasts!!!!!!

  • Damon Yuen
    Damon Yuen

    He just wanted to go for a hike at night with weights in his bag.

  • Globe255

    The pilot was bad at handle the light.

  • Gill Prince
    Gill Prince


  • desert07576

    Was someone pointing a green laser at helicopter?

  • R May
    R May

    C'mon guys...That man didn't know where he was going! 😂Give people some credit. For goodness' sake, he ran across a busy *_FREEWAY_* to where there was literally just a vast and open field with barely anything other than low bushes that he couldn't really hide behind with any real success, making it that much easier for the lights to keep up and keep track of him with _no problem,_ (as if they didn't already have an advantage) on top of having to climb a super steep hill - all while lugging a very heavy backpack.

  • sami t
    sami t

    Game over

  • sirusThu

    Some people are stupid enough to risk their lives and put the life of others in danger for few dollars

  • Cheki Hill
    Cheki Hill

    LV-home. Cheki Hill

  • Mermaid Girl
    Mermaid Girl

    🎶 Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house I go. The crook knows the way to jail 🎶

  • J D
    J D

    Why the fck do you guys always stop focusing whenever the suspect gets taken down or gets cuffed!

  • harleyrdr1

    Why not just use IR rather than help him see with the Spotlight? But they take it off him so the cops can beat the shit out of him! LOL!

  • Bandera Bird
    Bandera Bird

    Hope they made him carry his backpack back to the car.

  • svjim1

    Helicopter should have a scoop.

  • Jonathan Lopez Peraza
    Jonathan Lopez Peraza

    There's no gettin away


    Cops r dum they caint stop this van wtf

  • James S.
    James S.

    Hmmm... It's strange. We have cruise missiles that can take out a moving target 2000 miles away. It should be an easy matter to create some type of technology to knock out a moving car. A 20mm cannon fired at the hood from the helicopter would blow about a 20" hole through the engine. If it hit the driver...GOOD! These guys are NO LESS dangerous than some bozo walking down the street shooting a gun at random.

  • Richard blood
    Richard blood

    notice the nite sun goes out as they slam him to the ground? very predictable, because they know it would become sketchy

  • Daniel Vaneck
    Daniel Vaneck

    This is hijacker Bidens America.

  • Diana Godfrey
    Diana Godfrey

    Duh get a job buy your own van ...l hope you LOVE one outfit and the SAME food same time oh and the same ROOMMATES cause jail is where you dream of this life style is at....ENJOY !!!!

  • 1 Life
    1 Life

    People love to watch the fire burn. F society.

  • Ju Been Gaming
    Ju Been Gaming

    What was in the back pack?

  • 19993gt

    Anyone calling bullshit on his “speed” and taking sharp turns? No way he’s making those turns doing 50-70

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious

      No... that van can EASILY take 90 degree corners at 120-150mph. If he hits 151 mph then the van will tip over, roll 273 times and blow up in a fireball so big it will wipe out the entire city and 34 blocks of the nearest city. These news anchors would not lie. They know their shit!

  • Jerry

    Whatcha gonna when they come for you

  • David

    Get a sniper in the chopper and have them shoot out the tire when there's no traffic or people. Done soon after.

    • Dont ask
      Dont ask

      Have then put a round through the windshield and into their face.

  • Leo Ss
    Leo Ss

    It looks to Me like Amazon drivers in My Area.

  • russian bot
    russian bot

    FAKE NEWS :) it's all acting.

  • Heriberto Fernandez
    Heriberto Fernandez

    It should have been tazzer with 2k vlts a few times before hand cuffed or have 🐶 rocky shew on him for 30 min .


    These white vans seem to be the fad as of late. This is the second pursuit involving a white van I have seen today. Of course the other van was a GMC or Chevy I believe. Not a Mercedes.

  • Na na na na
    Na na na na

    What was up in the bag?

  • Mattyew

    imagine how many people got away with crime before we had all these radios, internet, choppers, dogs etc etc. you literally can't get away

    • Slidewayz

      Not in a van thats for sure

  • Maxie Pattie
    Maxie Pattie

    d d mega doo do

  • Matthew Banash
    Matthew Banash

    He drove down McConnell avenue. Should have known that would be a dead end.

  • Monica Tobar
    Monica Tobar


  • Nomen Clature
    Nomen Clature

    Wouldn’t it be great if the cops were just allowed to shoot these creeps who endanger hundreds of lives? Just drag them out onto the pavement and shoot them.

  • Donald Willinger
    Donald Willinger

    Great job.

  • Victor A Palkow
    Victor A Palkow

    yay you good work ABC7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🤗💙

  • Livnyug Nyiagplig
    Livnyug Nyiagplig

    Fat doe or antelope was taken down by Lion Pride. Lol

  • Ricardo Lira
    Ricardo Lira

    Car chases are California's past time at this point and I'm not mad lmao

  • Michele Johnson
    Michele Johnson

    Hes never walked further than his Xbox to the fridge! What a moron! Hope he feel like the fool he is!

  • Sunny StateOfMind
    Sunny StateOfMind

    Literally watching this and feeling like I'm watching Grand Theft Auto the original

  • sarah bushell
    sarah bushell

    Damonheller does a better job

  • Adrian Caro
    Adrian Caro

    Did u notice that move the helicopter did by not shining the light when they bring him down? Good work! Hopefully they best his ass

  • Aiden E
    Aiden E

    "While the rest of the country is frozen solid, haha, we have it what 73° here?"

    • smooth wave
      smooth wave

      Yup,and again mid 30s today

  • Ray Freeman
    Ray Freeman

    The second the suspect is caught the spotlight operator conveniently lost ability to keep the spotlight on him to give the cops privacy for brutality. Dirty a$$ cops.

  • Barbara Lopez
    Barbara Lopez

    The guy white van is following lester directions

  • Sikhi Seeker
    Sikhi Seeker

    Harry the dirty dog going to hunt rainbow the golden fish

  • PeluchinPower

    It's an inside job and It was a heist of some sort. He most likely gave the bicyclist a hard drive with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF BITCOIN , they all knew how it was going to turn out in the end , he would just get a slap in the wrist in the end. Also most likely there was alot of money in that back pack as well. Think about it . It's an inside job hiest

  • Patrick

    That guy was scared of who's drugs those where.

  • Yuri W
    Yuri W

    Sir.. who the fck runs from the police and thinks gee let me stop for red lights and make stops at stop signs 😂🤣

  • pokey999991

    70 in la area and I freeze in WA at 30 degrees!

  • Sang Nam
    Sang Nam

    Awesome sports events. :)

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange

    13:30 makes me miss playing Frogger 😄

  • jay 82
    jay 82

    No such thing as a "speed trap."

    • jay 82
      jay 82

      @Captain Obvious still wrong. Speed traps aren't used in CA and are illegal. Try again

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious

      Yeah, there is. When the posted speed is 55 (basic rule) but traffic is allowed to travel at 70mph because, again.. 55 is the BASIC RULE, then once or twice a month SATURATION PATROLS show up and people are randomly pulled over for violation of the basic rule, SPEED TRAP. Posted speed is 65 mph, then at the bottom of the hill, behind a tree, there is a sign of 35 mph posted speed, where 10 feet later people are pulled over. SPEED TRAP.

  • Yoo B!
    Yoo B!

    This is every day in LA .

  • Will March
    Will March

    this guuuuuuy lol

  • stylin60es

    At least homie had a flashlight overhead the whole time

  • richard harrison
    richard harrison

    Why does the guy have to talk it to death? Non-stop jabber is really distracting and unnecessary.

  • JB

    Notice the police helicopter took the light off him during the beat down.

    • Webmaster247

      Nobody need to see what happens after... Just some easy and light punishment. If he runover a women in the streets you would saw so many shots in the head and chest.

    • Gucci

      Right 👍🏿 So right

  • Gabriel626

    This fools sprint button is broken

  • Gabriel626

    Every weekend their has been a high speed pursuit since 2021 started in LA county

    • PeluchinPower

      Every day

  • hockeycub19

    The cops started punching him hence why the helicopter took the light off when the cop tackled him

    • respdoc

      Good for the cops.

  • Isidro Bautista
    Isidro Bautista

    So funny how this fake news people make the scenes so extreme 🤣😂💀😆😅

  • Gedion Samuel
    Gedion Samuel

    Thor’s hammer was recovered

  • Koryn Gonzalez
    Koryn Gonzalez

    Why he can’t just stop !! He’s going to Cause an accident

  • jonathan bell
    jonathan bell

    In the uk. It's just white van man

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five

    He can either go over or around the fence? What a genius prompt reader!!! Sure he cant go through the fence?

  • it’s Ashley Nicole
    it’s Ashley Nicole

    This is regular LA driving though. He’s just going a little faster. He can’t be from LA. He worked harder & not smarter here & in slow motion 😂

  • iga ninja
    iga ninja

    How severe is the punishment for stealing a vehicle? Cause these ppl are stealing them like candy.

    • Johnny Five
      Johnny Five

      He will get 6 hours behind bars with enough time to eat and rest up and then get released and told to not do it again.

  • Lisa Marie Florida Peaceful Living
    Lisa Marie Florida Peaceful Living

    He was looking for a Covid vaccine.

  • Mook Glenn
    Mook Glenn

    The guy on the bike was a gta character

  • GoGo 818
    GoGo 818

    Whoever has control of that light BLOWS HARD

  • Bryan Tamon
    Bryan Tamon

    He gotta work on his stamina stat.

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto

    My work van dont handle that well..

  • Gator Gator
    Gator Gator

    Skante warriors 🇺🇸

  • Symon Channel
    Symon Channel

    He tried calling Uncle Lester but it went straight to voice mail = noobs >_

  • Surf Waves
    Surf Waves

    They are not sending their best.

  • Ti muoi Hoa
    Ti muoi Hoa

    This guy need have ticket pay higher ? Crazy?

  • M B
    M B

    Screw being dangerous for cops what about civilians

  • J MTZ
    J MTZ

    Oh dangerous suspect and all this bullshit

  • Another Day
    Another Day

    13:30-14:00 i did this like a dozen times in GTA 5..

  • triple v 101
    triple v 101

    There you have it America's nothing but a joke now, people will continue to keep playing real life GTA knowing that there's no consequences

  • Scribe13

    He should have stole the black van

  • Apacalyptic 1
    Apacalyptic 1


    • AgentCody Banx8
      AgentCody Banx8

      They do that in case any sort of violence happens. They aren't allowed to show it on live TV, notice he also said something to that effect when they guy was crossing the freeway.

    • 1 Life
      1 Life

      @J no one deserves that.

    • J

      My first thought as well. But I think he deserved a few knocks.