Police chase stolen car near downtown Los Angeles | ABC7 Los Angeles
Police chased a suspect in a stolen Nissan through neighborhoods near downtown Los Angeles.

  • itsmebay

    his real parking in a parking lot

  • John Patriot
    John Patriot

    The infamous left only audio channel station strikes again!!!

  • Rivanete fereira ribeiro Fereira
    Rivanete fereira ribeiro Fereira

    gosto muito de Curti Police chase bastante tempo legal?👍👍👍👍

  • John Halstead
    John Halstead

    Is that kind of a car really go chasing for?

  • matthew stephen
    matthew stephen

    Smart man 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

  • Alien zone
    Alien zone

    U know he's singling I faught the law and I won 🤣

  • Alien zone
    Alien zone

    If he smart he wipe the prints and ditch the car if that don't got a discripson of him then he's good wipe prints ditch the ride go in store and he's good not by car no prints and no discripson that can't find him them

  • Doug Bowers
    Doug Bowers

    I was just thinking the other day how could i loose the chopper? Underground parking i thought. Then i see it on You Tube!

  • richard perez
    richard perez

    that's why they shouldn't go in tracker mode...they should have been right on his ass

  • Davon Jackson
    Davon Jackson

    He already dip Lmaooo ass soon as he hit that parking lot. Hoped right into another box

  • Leone Tromper
    Leone Tromper

    the guy that stole the car: oh no the pigs are chasing me

  • Billie Hall
    Billie Hall

    It is so STUPID to follow those criminals, pre-empt other programs, etc. And the reporters always sound like idiots doing reptitve coverage. Put my show on!!!

  • Sang Nam
    Sang Nam

    Awesome sports events. :)

  • 1990CUEVAS

    Dam they got the streets on the screens lmao

  • Joshua Nathan
    Joshua Nathan

    Just like two days ago where the suspect drove into an underground parking lot in Studio City at the Marshalls and Homegoods shopping mall. He was caught almost two hours later when he tried to look casual walking out of an inside store when police were watching the exits and searching different vehicles leaving the parking garage and lot.

  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma

    the cops in Los Angeles have been doing HORRIBLE lately! What is going on????

  • pedro valdez wolf pack
    pedro valdez wolf pack

    I was in the vid

  • LawAbidingCitizen

    address of this shopping plaza just in case i ever am running from the cops?

  • kriskys1

    Westfield Mall, at Eagle Rock.

  • A A
    A A

    You know your life is fucked when you have to steal and old ass car while people make that Value in stocks and crypto in seconds.

  • Masen Hofmann
    Masen Hofmann


  • Hãi triều Dâng
    Hãi triều Dâng

    He got another car and left

  • valiantstallion

    Link for the live stream please. You know it's live streamed. I'm getting bored of the third person helicopter view. I want some either phone live stream or dashcam fistprrson shooter style. Please link below. Thanks.


    DAMN it was busy last night 👀

  • Icha Cupcake
    Icha Cupcake

    So the smart one always drive to parking lot and disappear

  • shreddder999

    Great but what if he just parks the car and walks away?


    Lol he wasn't lucky...it was common sense 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Aimee Thomas
    Aimee Thomas

    I hope they can find him

  • Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill

    LAPD lost another Chase.,-- -WHEN will they learn???? so shame full

    • ThatLow2V

      Shameful* learn how to spell

    • hung nguyen
      hung nguyen

      Ask the ACLU and the leftist liberals.

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez

    so that's what all that fuzz was about lol I kept hearing helicopters, cops and a car skirt down the street and I'm like 😒 I have enough with that noisy wind making my window's and doors move lol I don't need helicopters flying over my house either 😂

  • 까치

    He is run

  • Gator Gator
    Gator Gator

    Skante warriors 🇺🇸

  • The SwapMeet Flea
    The SwapMeet Flea

    0:54 Went to Chuck E. Cheese to play some good ol skeeball. 1,000 tickets to win a whistle, SWEET!!

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto

    Zooms in : Big ol Chuckee Cheeze symbol lol

  • Rone

    Don’t worry y’all: He was playing GTA V Simulator

  • Nicholas Cooper
    Nicholas Cooper

    Cali is the car chase central. It’s a new GTA chase everyday.

  • PizzyQuizzy

    This be gta lol

    • PizzyQuizzy

      @Nicholas Cooper lol

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      He used the cheat code. Lol

  • TogIsHere

    This in a nutshell: Some dude ran underground, police lost him. Boom

    • BANDITO ///
      BANDITO ///

      Thats what I'm be did!! Get lost cops😀

    • Bear Gillium
      Bear Gillium

      So there IS a perfect crime. Who knew 🤷‍♂️

    • SNAKKEE323

      The old switcheroo

    • SNAKKEE323

      Gone Girl.

  • J.J Kid
    J.J Kid

    A perfect way to leave the stolen car and just walk out the mall like if nothing happen

  • H W
    H W

    That looks like Eagle Rock Plaza.

    • MR LAMBO
      MR LAMBO

      It is

  • Francisco Lacebal
    Francisco Lacebal

    He went to the mall, bought some clothes and went to bus stop. And away he went. Bye Bye!

    • hung nguyen
      hung nguyen

      Then called his friend to pick him up instead of taking a bus.

    • Michelle Lopez
      Michelle Lopez


  • El Compa Ish
    El Compa Ish

    Smart criminal

  • Patrick

    haha This mall is a mile away from me. Damn we have so many high speed pursuits lately.

    • richard perez
      richard perez

      Antifa mofo's never left after the riots

    • al roberts
      al roberts

      Every Car in LA is Stolen

  • George Spalding
    George Spalding

    What's going on tonight? I just got done watching a stolen car chase about 2 hours ago in the Los Angeles area. Now we got another one in Pasadena......I just love Southern California, that's where the action is.

    • Let’s keep in touch Channel
      Let’s keep in touch Channel



      Pasadena 🌹

    • Richard Hernandez
      Richard Hernandez

      Bro!!! I also had a street race going down my block 😂 fuck man add all that plus that noisy ass wind and man I love L.A xD

  • Alex Lim
    Alex Lim

    What’s up with this shit. I subscribed to this channel and i get no notifications for both pursuits today. Tf

    • UnknownArchive

      They've been marked down as racist that's why they can't be pushed

    • MR LAMBO
      MR LAMBO

      Fr though same here

  • Drizzy Dixon
    Drizzy Dixon

    The officers not smart bcuz he my leave his car an gone in someone els car

    • Sven

      Duh offisah leeb car out dere n sum gon tayk da car

    • Eddie Ghee
      Eddie Ghee

      Uh no shit Genius🤓🥴

  • Mr. 310a
    Mr. 310a

    Off some gta shit😭😭

  • Jefe Marioo.93
    Jefe Marioo.93


  • Theotis Duncan Jr
    Theotis Duncan Jr

    Haha. . He got away

  • Batman Guzman
    Batman Guzman

    Wonder if more pursuits will happen tonight 🍿 😀

    • Diego Moreno
      Diego Moreno

      Omg u predicted it

  • Regan D
    Regan D

    omg....there was a chase earlier today in West LA. A white van was stolen, and the knucklehead tried to run after.

    • Michelle Lopez
      Michelle Lopez

      Crazy shit when he ran across the freeway!😳

    • Richard Hernandez
      Richard Hernandez

      there was also a street race on my block xD

    • Richard Hernandez
      Richard Hernandez

      lol that's the one that passed by my house!

    • Gator Gator
      Gator Gator

      I’m still wondering what the backpack contained.

  • The Almighty
    The Almighty

    Listen state of California officials and attorney-general you guys need to come up with harsher punishments take away their driver's license for the rest of their lives to mess up their careers or their careers they will be pursuing in the future make this a top priority so that way it could deter future criminals

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      @hung nguyen ever seen anyone defend someone like this besides a money hungry attorney?

    • hung nguyen
      hung nguyen

      Watch out: ACLU and the leftist liberals are watching.

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      You’re right. We should make murder illegal too and no one will commit it.

    • TheFreedomGypsy

      These guys who evade the cops don't have valid licenses most of the time, anyway. They still drive around being assholes.

    • The Almighty
      The Almighty

      @Aaron Martinez sometimes you have to look at evil in the eye and Fight Fire With Fire and send a message

  • Anna Morris
    Anna Morris

    Target be a good place to get lost! 😆

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      Yup! Lol

  • Michael Prado
    Michael Prado

    Second part?

  • Frank G. H.
    Frank G. H.

    His final target run?

    • Frank G. H.
      Frank G. H.

      I guess not !

  • Joshua Carson
    Joshua Carson

    There was a stolen Van today around 6 pm in LA

    • Michelle Lopez
      Michelle Lopez

      @Richard Hernandez West LA. They posted the video here. They caught him in West LA off the 90 Freeway.

    • Richard Hernandez
      Richard Hernandez

      on what and what streets?

  • Stephen Wright
    Stephen Wright

    Getting some new clothes for jail..maybe a snack?

  • Blue Shirt Handyman
    Blue Shirt Handyman

    Seles pelo baltasar.

  • AXP

    Black Lives Matter!

    • luismartinez254

      Pancho Villa 2024

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper


  • Jabroni

    The higher the tubesocks, the downer the foo.

  • Lou Lemus
    Lou Lemus

    If he doesn't get off the car and start walking to the mall he must be the stupidest person in this world

  • Lou Lemus
    Lou Lemus

    Yeah he got away 😂

    • Ed G
      Ed G


  • JSUNshreds

    Eagle Rock


    Got away !

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