United Airlines flight suffers engine failure, drops debris over neighborhoods | ABC7
A United Airlines flight was forced to return to Denver International Airport Saturday after it suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff, sending aircraft debris raining down on soccer fields, homes and yards in a Denver suburb.
Full story: abc7.com/plane-debris-falls-on-yard-denver-flight-engine-trouble-united-328-fall-from/10357385/

  • Aaron Pitts
    Aaron Pitts


  • rvrbarnacle79

    Shit breaks sometimes not sure why an airline would have to pay for debris dropped.

    • Sheena Sugiarto
      Sheena Sugiarto

      are you kidding

  • Jan Dec
    Jan Dec

    Firma o światowej renomie a silnik rozlatyje się w powietrzu Wstyd

  • David Curlee
    David Curlee

    She's breaking up Captain , Aye, but that Engine mounts all good..

    • Equim

      The most dangerous is if the fire gets to the wing and wing fuel tanks

  • Erik Wade
    Erik Wade

    And people complain about Spirit...

  • Colin D
    Colin D

    I would've gotten away from that window. The debris could've easily pierced the window or fuselage if the engine kept shredding itself apart.

    • Equim

      @RECON_RON the blades are on many fans, not only on the front bigger fan


      Turbine engines are marked and designed to shoot shrapnel from a specific area, usually where a red band wraps around an engine. I work with fighter jets and have heard stories from people who experienced an engine shelling out and all the shrapnel pretty much came out where the marking was

  • milo’s stoned
    milo’s stoned

    Everybody In that just got a💰

  • Ashley Chee
    Ashley Chee


  • Texas Gina
    Texas Gina

    Omg how frightening

  • Karen McCann
    Karen McCann

    Scary AF!

  • Dwin 24
    Dwin 24

    Dang!! Insane View!! 💨💺

  • AMP Productions
    AMP Productions

    Wow! I had heard about this; first time seeing the video