FAA orders United to inspect Boeing 777s after engine failure emergency over Denver | ABC7
Federal aviation regulators are ordering United Airlines to step up inspections of all Boeing 777s equipped with the type of engine that suffered a catastrophic failure over Denver
More details: abc7.com/travel/faa-orders-united-to-inspect-boeing-777s-after-emergency/10359983/

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    Hamilton Lance


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  • rocky road
    rocky road

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  • rocky road
    rocky road

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  • HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno
    HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno

    That's crazy Compadre 1:05 PM | 2//22//2021

  • Master TechPaul
    Master TechPaul

    Wow! Before Max 737, Now United 777. Smh

    • John Mendoza
      John Mendoza

      Not really a Boeing problem since they don’t make the engines nor do they choose the engines. Pratt and Whitney makes the engines and the airlines are responsible which engines they choose.

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    Edgar Cardenas

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