Chase: Police PIT maneuvers help end pursuit in Sun Valley | ABC7
Multiple police vehicles broadsided a suspect's car to stop him from fleeing after a chase that ended in the San Fernando Valley Friday evening. Full story:

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    crown vic at police auction "low miles well taken care of" 🤣

  • Bl_Jayden

    Poor sc300

  • Avonlea Montague
    Avonlea Montague

    I am glad he didn't have a gun and start shooting at the officers when their cars were side by side.

  • American Paisa Returns
    American Paisa Returns

    Well when California releases a bunch of criminals back out onto our streets under the pretense of Coronavirus, crap like this is bound to happen.

  • Ben P
    Ben P

    Wish I could of watched it on Smoke N Scan

  • The Daily Egg
    The Daily Egg

    The helicopter reporter was calling this like a wwe match

  • AK 4o
    AK 4o

    Why do they keep putting innocent people's lives at risk with this crap. The person if caught. Is released the next day with very light charges. If any. Why bother? For the fun of it

  • bing

    Keystone idiots

  • heart attack on a plate
    heart attack on a plate

    california thugs go down like babies

  • DR. Beavis The Great
    DR. Beavis The Great


  • DR. Beavis The Great
    DR. Beavis The Great


  • We are Vikangs !!! n shiet
    We are Vikangs !!! n shiet

    Usual suspect.

  • Quipson

    He's a person of interest, not a person of color . . . ;-)

  • DiMarco Drahgi
    DiMarco Drahgi

    Godbless the CrownVic

  • Jim Ratliff
    Jim Ratliff

    Make this zero work off all of the costs for his stupid ass decisions. What a tard. He needs a long time in jail first. Dumb bell.

  • Don Lake
    Don Lake

    Just use the voice over of the helicopter. We do not need the intro and other reporters. Thanks

  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee

    Pit were not always effective if it only turned the suspect car around

  • JrP

    From a Simple Traffic Stop | Ticket to a Felony Evasion.

  • Will Price
    Will Price

    For running a stop sign 😂

  • J Nolette
    J Nolette

    They do this to get on TV and brag to their friends in jail how loco thsy got

    • J Nolette
      J Nolette

      @Pickeledcoconut some yeah. Others just want a little time to do all their dope. Some do cause they think its fun and crazy. Trust me I been locked up every lunatic out there. In arizona at least!

    • Pickeledcoconut

      They actually just think they can get away

  • Jack Boon
    Jack Boon

    Watched this one live on KDOC

  • Tufael Ahmed
    Tufael Ahmed

    usual suspect

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five

    Hospitals are full (as claimed by liberals) and they take this guy to a hospital? Why ?

  • Onboarddatracks

    Parents must be really proud to raise a LOSER

  • melanie sherman
    melanie sherman

    Excellent Pit Palooza

  • Kerrie Macon
    Kerrie Macon

    Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is naomi petteway my granddaughter....

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    It's not as if the police have anything better to do news helicopter out police cars an main news for someone who was speeding an failure to stop lol that's a lot of carbon for a story

  • Eacene

    that’s a soarer

  • Ramons Media Blog
    Ramons Media Blog

    Amazing PITS!!

  • Stop the greedy money printing crooks for Ashli
    Stop the greedy money printing crooks for Ashli

    Just one damaged cop car would have paid for that new nylon web stop system.

  • Victor sanchez
    Victor sanchez

    L.A.P.D. take notes

  • Richard Ragon
    Richard Ragon

    Looks like the officers got the school on doing pits, but failed to understand that the car must be in motion first.

  • Teflon Don
    Teflon Don

    Who cares bout some pit maneuvers... wasn't even high speed chase...

    • hockeycub19

      I was hoping to see a pit at a high speed lol

  • fidel catsro
    fidel catsro

    if only we had a hammer on the cop car bumpers to smash the bonnet of the escaping car!!

  • Joana

    Sun Valley my home

  • James M
    James M

    The Usual Suspects.

    • ThatLow2V

      Least they aren’t fucking their cousins

  • Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda
    Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda

    That homedepo at the end 🤦‍♀️

  • David Wheeler
    David Wheeler

    What are these dummies thinking? Oh yeah, they aren’t 🤣

  • J Mrtz80sgv
    J Mrtz80sgv

    Great. Took him a while to get out the car, He was in the car 🚙 I believe wtf cause N E one see something else.

    • J Mrtz80sgv
      J Mrtz80sgv

      @Keishanna Michele makes u thing who was really on narcotics lol

    • Keishanna Michele
      Keishanna Michele

      Lololol I heard her say that and was like... girl lolol

  • Nicholas Cooper
    Nicholas Cooper

    There is literally a chase every single day in Cali. Wtf

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      @neph ilim I see! Lol

    • neph ilim
      neph ilim

      That's normal here 😂

  • Maria's_tarot journey_with_me
    Maria's_tarot journey_with_me

    At least they ain't kill this black man

    • typhoon1oon

      🤦‍♂️so all black people are killed when stop by cops

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L

    Too much grand theft auto

  • Oregon Crow
    Oregon Crow

    This video sucked as bad as the location it was filmed at. Imagine that

  • Patriot Asian Man
    Patriot Asian Man

    Nice job

  • Will Blast
    Will Blast

    Good pit, but damn block him in lol

  • Tank S13
    Tank S13

    Lol fucken crazy fucks

  • Eclipsos

    A B C then 7 *i LeArNed iT fRoM cOcOmElOn*

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    Thats was a gpa he give em a lesson ol papaw was flying doin every bit of 15mph haha

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    That other cop car didnt even block after they spun car out come on lmao 😂

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan


  • marek zgoda
    marek zgoda

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  • Ned Pepper
    Ned Pepper

    Celebrate diversity.

  • Linda Wallace
    Linda Wallace

    C O O L !!! 😷👍

  • johnathan quevedo
    johnathan quevedo

    4th car chase in 4 days

  • Touchofgrey53

    a complete 180! So, now he is going the other way!

  • Ivan Miller
    Ivan Miller

    ✝️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. 😎

  • Livnyug Nyiagplig
    Livnyug Nyiagplig

    He will going to get big........bills for himself and in cell!

  • Pie Mon
    Pie Mon

    Let the cops beat and choke these criminals who put people's lives in danger.

  • Osana Najjmi
    Osana Najjmi

    Car 44 will get in trouble for doing that 3xtra unnecessary hit

    • White Chocolate
      White Chocolate

      It drew a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct and there's a chance of a suspension being handed down by the league office.

  • Gracie Hernandez
    Gracie Hernandez

    Drugs are involved or something more sinister.

  • ゆきのラミレスは猫ですYukino ramirez es una gata
    ゆきのラミレスは猫ですYukino ramirez es una gata

    I saw that on noho today

  • EfrainQuezada

    What is 44 doing? The passenger side door opened as if they were gonna get out, if they had put their foot out it would've been crushed when the driver just rammed the car for no reason. Don't block the vehicle, just dent it real good.

    • Osana Najjmi
      Osana Najjmi

      Car 44 is in idiot whom put the passenger officer in danger

    • Mark S
      Mark S

      He's trying to mess up the suspects front wheel so the car can't drive anymore.

  • Denise Llamas
    Denise Llamas

    It looks like he's drunk🤦‍♀️

    • Cuphead

      All person.

  • Marjorie Lemons
    Marjorie Lemons

    The police must be really bored I guess. Car chases are the new thing and traffic stops...quotas need to be in before the end of the month.

    • Marjorie Lemons
      Marjorie Lemons

      @Hunting demons sarcasm isn't that you officers used according to the recent posts about unarmed civilians choked out and shot up, 6,7, 16, 22, 28, 37, 49, to 80 bullets in a human body shedding it to pieces and then laughing about it, saying play stupid games win stupid prizes?👀 But you're being wimp NOW? Sorry you feel some kind of way about my OPINION! MY OPINION...First Amendment Right to REGRESS👀🇺🇸🗽 Did I hurt your precious little manchild feelings? GTHOH with that! Have a great day sir👮

    • Hunting demons
      Hunting demons

      Your IQ is showing

  • Carlos Villalta
    Carlos Villalta

    These cops know how to drive. I like the destruction Derby style

    • Cuphead

      All cops are crazy. Never reason.

    • hockeycub19

      Lol the second cop lol

    • Cuphead

      I though it.

    • Cuphead


  • Marjorie Lemons
    Marjorie Lemons

    Did he have a diabetic episode? Or a stroke? That makes a difference in the way he was acting. Was he sick?

  • 671Guam Never mind road
    671Guam Never mind road

    No one got seriously injured 🙏🏽

  • Jude MelRoses
    Jude MelRoses

    'Pit Palooza' A high speed chase for everyday of the week.

    • Nach C
      Nach C

      @Salvador Sanchez lol you kidding me it has. They’ve downsized

    • Salvador Sanchez
      Salvador Sanchez

      @Nach C funny thing is it defunding hasn't even happened yet lmao

    • Nach C
      Nach C

      Defunding and downsizing of LAPD has caused a rise in crime. It’s common sense


      I know like wtf LMFAO 🤣🤣

  • DaCoach Bacon
    DaCoach Bacon

    car #44 lol



  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno

    Why are there suddenly so many pursuits?

    • hockeycub19

      Because criminals have been let out thanks to Biden

    • Beto Ayala
      Beto Ayala

      Excelent question,,,yeap,,daily thing.

    • Keishanna Michele
      Keishanna Michele

      Suddenly? Chileeeee There’s one almost every other hour here in LA

    • Keishanna Michele
      Keishanna Michele

      @NoNamaee facts

    • Ice Dog
      Ice Dog

      That’s why they pit more than usual

  • Charlie

    1st comment

    • Charlie



      Uhm is someone supposed to give a fuck.....?