Pilot killed, 1 hospitalized after small plane slams into semi-truck at Port of LA | ABC7
A small airplane crashed into a semi-truck on a dock in San Pedro, leaving one person dead and another seriously injured, authorities said. Full story: abc7.com/plane-crash-san-pedro-harbor-semi/10354480/

  • Shadow AnimationsYT
    Shadow AnimationsYT

    How come small planes have a huge problem now

  • Jeanette Ericsson
    Jeanette Ericsson

    i lol'd

  • L Rodriguez
    L Rodriguez

    Its obvious he had issues why else would he be landing there.

  • juguetes y mas
    juguetes y mas

    This is a video of GTA V? JAJAJAJA

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper


  • Cherie' Frank
    Cherie' Frank


  • Cindy Moggia
    Cindy Moggia



    Why are so many small planes having so many issues lately? I just noticed Loudlabs LV-home channel has been sharing many on his page alone!

  • Flore Flyer
    Flore Flyer

    The FAA will blame it on a drone.

  • A3Kr0n

    Apparently keeping the shipping containers moving is also the story.

  • C. Lassard
    C. Lassard

    Great video of the semi truck!

  • jimmy johns
    jimmy johns

    Gese can't even fly your airplane at port anymore figure that out

  • Haulin America
    Haulin America

    Some how they will find a way to Sue the Truck driver .. Always do

    • Mr. Rudy
      Mr. Rudy

      @Haulin America - keep practicing your jokes

    • Haulin America
      Haulin America

      @Mr. Rudy stay in the broke lane

    • Mr. Rudy
      Mr. Rudy

      Haulin America - stay in the slow lane

    • Haulin America
      Haulin America

      @Mr. Rudy stfu

    • Mr. Rudy
      Mr. Rudy

      Haulin America - oh well in that in case hur hur hur 😴

  • George W Bush Center for Intelligence
    George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    Did the pilot have any dealings with Clinton ? Or was Robert Fletcher the pilot?

  • Haven The Terrible
    Haven The Terrible

    Yeah remind me to never get on a small plane ever

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch

    Verbal diarrhea

  • Tiff Nidell
    Tiff Nidell

    How many of these types of plane has crashed in the last six months? I feel like this "Piper" type of plane has been having some problems.

    • syberawa

      Really? Now the cart tows the ox.

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James

    Rip man

  • Johny R
    Johny R

    It's unlikely he was either "trying to land or had engine problems" with that impact. More likely a stall.

    • Kamau Desormeau
      Kamau Desormeau

      That's what I was thinking. The news knows nothing about aviation

  • Jerardo Alvarado
    Jerardo Alvarado

    Good think I was not there

  • Joseph Jackman
    Joseph Jackman

    Thank god commerce wasn’t affected.

  • Utsav Rawat
    Utsav Rawat

    them dudes at 0:09 thinkin they in fast n furious or sum

  • Abisography

    2021 is not getting any better yet.

    • A3Kr0n

      Look on the bright side, we have ten more months to get it right

    • Kevin Bjork
      Kevin Bjork

      @Nibs Sean Covid is not disappearing... probably never will

    • Nibs Sean
      Nibs Sean

      Yess it is. Trumps out, covid disapearing

  • MrColdwatercanyon

    73 piper poor guy was 69 yr old Huntington Beach res . Had to check tail #

  • shreddder999

    _and officials aren't sure if the pilot was trying to land or if it had engine problems_ Isn't that the same thing??

    • Ja So
      Ja So

      Exactly, if you have engine trouble a pilot is not going to say screw it I'll try keep flying for two more hours

    • Mr. Rudy
      Mr. Rudy

      Harrison Ford never uses the runways

    • Mossrod

      News is stupid when they report about anything aviation related. He obviously wasn’t just trying land there for fun. Something went wrong.

    • Psycandy

      "notice the sheep do not so much fly as plummet" - monty python

  • UberTotal

    Look at Carlo's smile right there.


    Another road rage incident.

    • UberTotal

      @Ford Prefect LOL, I'm probably older than you dude. One day you will grow up. If you truly are this sensitive you might want to get off the internet. People like you seem generally locked up in a group home doing jack shit all day.

    • UberTotal

      @Ford Prefect Seriously, seek help for your own good man. I hope you get the help you need. I would change your profile picture if I was you. It doesn't really fit your style.

    • UberTotal

      @Ford Prefect I for One can actually take a joke. You need to get out sometime. Relax.

    • UberTotal

      @J Solo Relax.

    • J Solo
      J Solo

      Shut the fuck up funny guy.. moron

  • Chema ChakMo'ol
    Chema ChakMo'ol