Thousands of 'cold-stunned' sea turtles rescued from Texas coast amid record-breaking deep freeze
A Texas nonprofit rescued approximately 3,500 "cold-stunned" sea turtles from record-breaking temperatures that walloped the area and fought to keep the animals warm during a days-long power outage.
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  • Supacomputer Revolution
    Supacomputer Revolution



    Sace the turtles!

  • Charles Kim
    Charles Kim

    I love these animal, when I was a kid.

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell

    If it was a fetus you wouldn’t give a damn

  • Rack City
    Rack City

    we own a non profit abused dog farm and lost 21 dogs due to the cold plz help need dog food plz reply if you want to help just eed dog food no money!

  • Aponi

    I don't give a crap about people. I feel sorry for the animals

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee

    Disturbing wild life and sea life let nature decide on turtle fate.

  • La Loochie
    La Loochie

    Save the Toitles 💓 🐢 🐢 🐢

  • hrcutz

    Abbott and Cruz own all this!

  • Diana Gutierrez
    Diana Gutierrez

    Aww poor guys

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device

    But they didn't warm up any of the cold stunned humans. Ninja Turtles: *RESPECT*

  • B Z
    B Z

    I ❤ turtles I kid you not. I'm so glad they rescued them 🐢❤

  • mr unknown
    mr unknown

    They don't help the volunteers out but they give idiots like gorilla glue lady money and fame....GREAT world

  • Tenaga Iman.
    Tenaga Iman.

  • bepriceless

    so cool.

  • Emile Lorré
    Emile Lorré


  • A B
    A B

    Send em to Californy wit all dem udders thet ain’t selfsuffishnet they dun fringed my rites! Kudos to the comment about Mitch, still laughing.

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc

    I don’t trust those turtles there definitely ccp members

  • superfluous saxicole
    superfluous saxicole

    A Turtle would approve

  • SkrAp

    This is really sad. God please help us. We need you more than ever....right now!!

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah

    Glad they at least helping the turtles “people need to get off their ass and figure it out “ crazy world

  • JoeyJoe

    muh global warming. ohh wait,what ?

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    thanks thanks for saving the turtles 🐢 😀

  • Tumanuvao Meaole
    Tumanuvao Meaole

    I love it .

  • don keyballs
    don keyballs

    Not much of a ninja now eh turtle

  • heart attack on a plate
    heart attack on a plate

    nice feel good story for a change

  • Alice Vollman
    Alice Vollman

    I love that! That's awesome!🐢👍

  • valiantstallion

    Natural occurance occurs, Turtles that mother nature was turning into sea nutrients have now survived... Forego rapid hybridization turn into reptilians and take humans down to conquer the earth. Nobody sees it coming.

  • sm peace
    sm peace

    yeah save the turtles and let the babies die. you are sick.

  • fred forlife80
    fred forlife80

    Its good to hear someone has a good heart saving these sea turtles . Its good to hear something positive, especially in this zub zero weather.

  • Nate Peace
    Nate Peace

    Poor little hockey pucks. Look at all that wasted soup ingredient. (Only kidding, hope they get the help they deserve)

  • Nacho Memo》
    Nacho Memo》

    Come On Highlight Texas Turtles Sympathy< Amost A Hollywood Joke

  • Iowangal Smith
    Iowangal Smith

    They're saving seaturtles and taking them to warming center, while people are freezing to death? Wrong.

    • K Mena
      K Mena

      Don't worry. Every town around south padre has shelters opened up for people. People that had power helped out family and neighbors that lost power. Businesses and churches with power held their own food drives. And alot of the volunteers who helped the turtles were out of power and and water themselves. They didn't sit home and whine. This is Texas. We take care of our own

    • Lynne Wright - Glzrbug
      Lynne Wright - Glzrbug

      They have warming centers for people, people cannot get through the snow to them. The turtles are going into a shelter designated for animals not a human warming center. Shelters for people have specific standards that have to be followed like bathrooms and cots.

    • Stuart Longhorn
      Stuart Longhorn

      Why is it wrong?

  • Y u no smart?
    Y u no smart?

    Thanks Obama.

  • seanryan37334

    Oh wow!

  • Kevin W
    Kevin W

    poor turtles!!!

  • Sarah Poisel
    Sarah Poisel

    Shows how dumb people are. Saving sea turtles 🐢 while their fellow man suffers and dies in the cold dark nights.

  • Lauren McConnell Sings
    Lauren McConnell Sings

    The SPI turtle refuge is a cool place started by a badass lady. Worth your time if you ever get down there. Good luck turtles!! 🙏❤️

  • chris lafoon
    chris lafoon

    I absolutely love turtles these people are unspoken angles abd im crying. We need more angles.

    • chris lafoon
      chris lafoon

      And guys, turtles are some of the only things in the ocean who can eat jelly fish safely. So ya, turtles kill evil stinging ocean bags.

    • jaymula1123


    • Carpe Sixties
      Carpe Sixties

      Me too 🥺

  • Anthony McGrane
    Anthony McGrane

    Save them all 🥺

  • EEuphoria

    What Mitch doing there?

  • mo

    Global warming.

  • Glenn Donahey
    Glenn Donahey

    Awesome people thank you

  • Expanded Minds of Cosmos
    Expanded Minds of Cosmos

    Turtle Lives Matter

  • SawrAgain

    If you don't like global warming... you don't like sea turtles.

  • VR & AR dev.Studio
    VR & AR dev.Studio

    This is the only thing I have heard about Texas that didn't make me want to vomit.

    • K Mena
      K Mena

      It's cool. Stay out of Texas with that attitude

    • Aaron G.
      Aaron G.

      That's to bad, your missing out on a lot of great things for no other reason than your political beliefs.

  • Hankakah

    If they did not do this, generations of turtles were in danger of being endangered. No spawning for years, no replacements for those dying off. What we see is just a small portion of them.

    • Dank Dank
      Dank Dank

      yes they are heros for saving the turtles we should throw a parade for these heros!

    • Dank Dank
      Dank Dank

      well they created the storm with geoengineering anyways so the least they can do is try to save the animals they are killing off!😏

    • Ty Po
      Ty Po

      Stuart Longhorn this was my thoughts as well.

    • Stuart Longhorn
      Stuart Longhorn

      The Atlantic population ranges from Canada down to Uruguay and across to the Mediterranean, and have existed for many millions of years, I think they’re going to be ok.

    • Glenn Donahey
      Glenn Donahey


  • Poker R P
    Poker R P

    So people are surviving with no heat but we have to help turtles ? Really ?

    • K Mena
      K Mena

      @Iowangal Smith educate yourself before you comment. I live in the area. There's a turtle rescue organization that has been there for 40 years, started by an amazing former female world war 2 pilot. Helping endangered injured turtles and protecting their nesting grounds. The area is a close knit community. Local residents did alot of the rescuing including my daughter and son-in-law. And took them to the rehab center. When that was full, The city allowed the use of the convention center building. Oh and neither of those places had power until yesterday.

    • Lynne Wright - Glzrbug
      Lynne Wright - Glzrbug

      @Iowangal Smith Why are you not out there saving Seniors? Saving Babies?

    • Lynne Wright
      Lynne Wright

      @Iowangal Smith a person cannot just go collecting children and seniors, that is kidnapping. They are a non profit for animals and I think the turtles are not getting cots or heaters, just being brought inside.

    • Lynne Wright
      Lynne Wright

      @Poker R P how would a non profit wild animal rescue, rescue seniors? Or people? There are regulations about such things. You seem to think both cannot be done or that an independent non profit somehow took money from people? What planet do you live on?

    • Poker R P
      Poker R P

      @Tina Trice animal activist just don’t care about humans only animals

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beans

    Save the turtles from vsco tiktok became real

  • Who spilled My beans
    Who spilled My beans

    Oh thank you for saving these turtles! Poor babes!

  • Preper Truckin
    Preper Truckin

    So ... let me get this straight... you spend about 1 hundred thousand bucks to “warm up ... “turtles” ... but not humans ?? 🤦‍♂️ and somehow I’m suposta believe that our government will protect us citizens from a serious threat ... if that’s not a slap in the face to the tax payers, then... what is???

  • Indy Raven
    Indy Raven


  • Tech Shabby
    Tech Shabby

    Aww that's when the sharks get to eat more. When something bad happens in nature, it is good for something else.

    • Tech Shabby
      Tech Shabby

      @Claire Mosier I eat turtle! 🦈🦈🦈

    • Claire Mosier
      Claire Mosier

      No eating here tonight nonono eating here tonight. Your on a diiiet.🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • the dog tobs
    the dog tobs

    thank god for humans otherwise these turtles would be toast.

    • U HU
      U HU

      I thought they were begging to be toasted, having been stunned by the icy cold ocean.

  • Diane Saldivar
    Diane Saldivar

    There are some very compassionate generous people. I hope other animals have found food and shelter.

    • Alice Vollman
      Alice Vollman

      Me to!

  • amen 7
    amen 7

    Blame the wind turbines lol

  • Jp Jp
    Jp Jp

    Damn GLOBAL WARMING is no joke 😂

    • David Blaine
      David Blaine

    • Jp Jp
      Jp Jp

      Global warming is false. Just a way for rich people to get richer

    • Ch28

      @Gary Oldham thank you for your input! How does it explain the extreme heat in the summer time? Record breaking every year. I feel it thru my windows😬

    • Gary Oldham
      Gary Oldham

      @David Blaine Virus fears, social distancing, wearing masks. Much of this is to cool off the sex drive. Population control. There will be no kissing during the covid epidemic! Actually it's a brilliant plan!

    • Gary Oldham
      Gary Oldham

      @Ch28 Global warming and global cooling are normal natural processes. what we contribute to the process is very hard to assess.. There is a scientific consensus for climate change cycles and the recent warming trend. but there is no consensus on human contribution. We can't afford Green New deal or socialism. Not from a position of weakness deep in debt. what we needed is 8 years of strong economy and the highest employment numbers in history. If that had continued the debt would easily roll downward. Slowly at first but gaining speed over time. Snowball effect of finance. It doesn't happen overnight just like reaching goals doesn't happen overnight. With patience and a strong economy we could reach the day when we can afford the changes that we need, but every household knows you don't go on a spending spree when you're deep in debt. Another ice age will come. They will wish we had contributed more to global warming. But most scientists have no illusions that we could somehow stop an ice age. This should tell you something about how little of an effect we actually have. Can you stop the weather from getting cold? If the entire world turns up their furnaces on a cold night does this affect distant galaxies? Heat is lost to space. We are not Venus. There is no significant blanket covering the Earth. It is gases. If gas was a good blanket we would not fill our walls. Changing the percentages of atmospheric gas? That turns us into Venus? The atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times that of Earth. Do you really think we have added so much more blanket to the atmosphere when heat radiates into space?

  • Calibunga bros
    Calibunga bros

    Who dislikes saving sea turtles? Bro

    • Your Mom
      Your Mom

      So what happened before there were humans? Or did turtles come after humans? 😂🤣😂🤣

    • dollaz

      @Iowangal Smith lol right, these people are B L I N D

    • dollaz

      Me! Because knowing the lying government I know it's some evil corrupt shit behind this, it's always something behind it or else they wouldn't report it lol. Can't wait until the whole grid shuts down.

    • eGirl

      @Gabriel Lima forsure! It’s ridiculous what’s going on there. Honestly believe no matter what party, politicians get bought out and do corrupt things. Disgusting

    • Gabriel Lima
      Gabriel Lima

      @eGirl well I apologize then. I’m just disappointed at what Republicans have done in Texas, it’s infuriating. I had to fly out my mother in law to CT to save her from being frozen to death. Texas turned into North Korea overnight with some snow and cold, it’s unacceptable. The Republicans of Texas have deregulated everything to fill their pockets with cash.

  • Mandi's Houseplant Channel
    Mandi's Houseplant Channel


  • Money Robb954
    Money Robb954

    Turtles like thought we got away from COVID now this

  • Quit Ask'n
    Quit Ask'n

    Gloabal warming shyyt is falling apart for their scams too!!! These Democrats are the fn virus

  • Erik Wade
    Erik Wade

    Texas Ratllesnake himself Steve Austin gave these turtles a Stone Cold Stunner!

  • Andre Avenue
    Andre Avenue

    Damn im sorry all turtles going thru it to

  • 美しく燃える森

    so every one feels bad for the turtles but not for the cows chicken pigs goats and lambs we slaughter everyday? get outta here

    • Claire Mosier
      Claire Mosier

      Nah. You get outta here. Just like these Texans got surprised when hard times came if you had no food because of some disaster you would eat what you could get.

  • Sinfullvibes


    • Mike Wizard
      Mike Wizard

      @tileavenue stupid people act like yourself . Take care and have a nice day 🤔👍

    • tileavenue

      @Mike Wizard stoopid ppl say turtles matter more than humans 😊

    • Mike Wizard
      Mike Wizard

      @tileavenue problem is I'm not stupid so why would I do that. I'll leave that to stupid people .

    • tileavenue

      @Mike Wizard or you can just jump in the water. But remember to tell the rescuers first that "fack people turtles are more important"

    • Mike Wizard
      Mike Wizard

      @tileavenue if I had the equipment and ability and money to I would

  • Paranoia Perception
    Paranoia Perception

    I care more about turtles then I do people.

    • Matthew Valencia
      Matthew Valencia

      Bro I care about you and you can't care for me

    • Paranoia Perception
      Paranoia Perception

      I used to care about people. I wanted to help. But nice guys just get used and abused.

    • Dan Xu
      Dan Xu

      Claire Mosier I was responding to OP

    • Dan Xu
      Dan Xu

      Mr Boombastic no i was responding to OP

    • Gary Oldham
      Gary Oldham

      But it is people that saved your beloved turtles. It is fine to be cautious but you should lose the paranoia enjoying the human race no matter how messy it can be. We feel betrayed, we feel mistrust, we feel threatened. Most of that isn't even real. Most of the harm from humans is within our own emotions. You harm yourself. Cut them slack don't expect them to be perfect since you are not. Certainly don't project expectations. You might feel that someone is being selfish. Of course that does happen, everyone does have an obligation to provide for their own. Survival. So don't blame them for not caring for you. You are supposed to care for yourself. And if you are a beacon of positive energy and a contributor instead of a source of negativity you will be loved and supported. I helped 10 people over 5 years. None of them paid me back. They didn't make any changes so their lives stayed in the same rut. My help didn't make any real difference it just allowed them foolish money to blow on drugs or buying things they didn't even need. Then the water bill would be shut off again and their toilet wouldn't flush. Only one of them changed and turned her life around. She had been messing things up for so long that her family's had stopped wanting to help her. I counseled her to block meth. She made the decision to stop destructive behaviors, move back with family. Since she was being proactive her family stepped up to help. She turned her life around. No she is not depressed, paranoid, or focused on the bad things that happened. She realized that it was up to her. The other nine whose lives remain miserable all had the same thing in common. their minds were full of junk. Anger, regret, blame, guilt. If you set goals your mind fills up with how to achieve them. You become forward looking. There's no more room for junk. Only the happiness of making progress. Pride of accomplishment. Unhappy is a lack of positive contribution. Studies have proven that when people begin to contribute to society because they love the human race, because they care about offspring, future generations, because they have joined the human race in all its messiness, that is when their happiness levels skyrocket. when they spread positive vibes instead of complaining that others aren't doing it. You can't control them but you can control yourself. You can't contribute to society if you are afraid of everyone. Bravery is involved. Caution is normal. Then you realize how easy it is to spread happiness everywhere you go. So that happiness comes from within, it's not depending on how other people behave. It's the belief that you are the Master and Commander of your own mind and your own emotions and you create your own Utopia. No one else gives it to you. at that point the very fact of your own contentment is an inspiration and a contribution. As you think so you feel. If you become the commander of your mind then you are also the commander of your emotions. You become the commander of your own outcome. Setbacks are normal. They do not stop someone who has set goals. It is possible to slap on blinders to the past as though it doesn't even exist. Remember the good. Forget the bad. Better yet become forward looking since dwelling on the past rarely contributes. Good luck! Save the turtle! Don't expect all turtles to treat you right. Some will betray you. 😳

  • Doug V.
    Doug V.

    I like turtles

    • Cereal

      Who doesn't

  • Iambiguo us
    Iambiguo us


  • Carlos Valdivia
    Carlos Valdivia


  • NY Sock Exchange
    NY Sock Exchange

    I swear the same exact thing happened a few years ago.

    • Ford Prefect
      Ford Prefect


  • GeNa

    Recycling industry Recycling product Recycling concept Recycling♻️--> reduce garbage

    • Ch28

      Recycling is the least effective R method and more often than not it os counter effective.

  • GeNa

    awareness of environmental protection = Love Earth 🌎💛 Love Ocean Lower pollution/ Zero-pollution

  • GeNa

    Global Heating "Extreme" weather glacial melting rising sea levels

  • p pg
    p pg

    🥺 glad they were helped

  • Kike Mendez
    Kike Mendez

    Poor turtles

  • Manuel Hernández
    Manuel Hernández

    Didn't know that Mitch McConnell had relatives in Texas. All seriousness, glad that a nonprofit org was able to rescue those poor turtles. Get well.

    • Breaking Benjamin Fan
      Breaking Benjamin Fan

      Hahahahahaha!! Lol

    • Mattias LP
      Mattias LP


    • gozzilla177

      You got me!

    • Indy Raven
      Indy Raven

      MVPPPPPP FOR UR COMMENT LUV LOL 😂🥰💁🏾‍♀️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾



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