English bulldog puppies stolen from North Hollywood family | ABC7
A North Hollywood family is putting out a call for the public to help them recover two English bulldog puppies that were stolen from their home.
Full story: abc7.com/pets-animals/bulldog-puppies-stolen-from-north-hollywood-family/10343416/

  • Viet N
    Viet N

    Who knew Cruelia De Vil was an inspirational criminal for these punks lol.....

  • Kati M
    Kati M

    Related to lady Gaga’s stolen French bulldogs? Hmmmm

  • Whitetailjedi

    😤😡😤If y'all find these morons please have them dropped off at my house for a tutorial on how to go home with a limp and a few less teeth! 🤜💥🤛💥👊💥😵

  • jeremy butler
    jeremy butler

    It's because people over price those Bulldogs like 1500-2500....its a puppy not a cheap car, lol

  • SpeakEasy DoorMan
    SpeakEasy DoorMan

    Make sure you have a shotgun before strangers come over Always works just fine for me

  • Linda Glenn
    Linda Glenn

    So. Cute

  • L Rodriguez
    L Rodriguez

    Backyard breeders should be arrested too!

  • polo stewart
    polo stewart

    No need to call are notify no one the woman must give them up are face stiff jail time talking about 10 to 15 years

  • Joy Jeffcoat
    Joy Jeffcoat

    You never have them come to your house Meet at police station

  • bossey the hamster
    bossey the hamster

    I seen one of the dogs on lankershim strathern with guy on bmx bike😉

  • อินทิรา คนเมืองเหนือจ้าว
    อินทิรา คนเมืองเหนือจ้าว

    Hello my friend very good nice video.

  • Nadrolob The orc wench
    Nadrolob The orc wench

    Who in their right mind would steal a dog, and one thats known as a walking genetic disaster called the bulldog at that.

    • Nadrolob The orc wench
      Nadrolob The orc wench

      @Justkozlow uh, rhetoric, can you grasp it?

    • Justkozlow

      Uh the video answers your question

  • Nadia Zeeb
    Nadia Zeeb

    This why illegals must be banned from the USA

  • Vogel Vogeltje
    Vogel Vogeltje

    Karma exists. You will get back what you put out into this world 10 fold. Especially for a puppy like come on.

  • Wizard Mindset
    Wizard Mindset

    No Paisa Your Not Sad That The Puppies Are Gone Your Sad Cuz Those 2 Foo's Burnt Your Dumb Azz !! That's What You Get For Letting Strangers In Your Home Dummy !!

  • Ben F
    Ben F

    I only feel bad for the dogs. Clearly a backyard, amateur breeding operation. Real, registered breeders don't advertise expensive designer bulldog breeds for sale on social media and invite strangers over to look at the puppies. These people probably don't even have a regular veterinarian to care for the puppies and mothers, and probably just do the C-Sections themselves under entirely unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

  • Corey Spruce
    Corey Spruce

    They sure did alot to prevent this from happening....not....sad....smh.

  • the Bride of Frankenstein
    the Bride of Frankenstein

    Poor puppies ....I hope they aren't harmed in any way....bastards

  • Tamera Slider
    Tamera Slider

    I really hope they catch those horrible people.

  • Motivation bless
    Motivation bless

    People is really dum. U invite strangers to ur house blame ur self not thives

  • Markamoe

    They only want them back for the money

    • Betty Williams
      Betty Williams

      So what?! That's why they breed their own damn puppies. Wtf!!!!!

  • Alex 420
    Alex 420

    Breh she threw a sandle at him like if thats gonna do anything🤦🏻

    • tony Chuks
      tony Chuks

      Oh I'm sure he felt it, when a latina mom throws it at you, you come down with a fever from the pain

  • Lori Boulais
    Lori Boulais

    I saw this ad for these pups a few days ago. This wasn't a very planned out robbery. They grab the pups and then leave their old lady behind? They might as well turn themselves in because you know their girlfriend will. She's not going to sit in jail for them. What a couple of dumb asses. I hope they get the puppies back before they get hurt.

  • TKO Brosnan
    TKO Brosnan

    IDIOTS! All that I hear in Lost Angeles is bad crap lately! I would not want to live anywhere near there!

    • TKO Brosnan
      TKO Brosnan

      @old_school_4ever fkn stupid loser. And you are a straight up a$$! You probably live on skid row too.

    • old_school_4ever

      Ok. Please stay where you are. Probably better for you since you sound like a whining pussy

  • Cesar Fuerte
    Cesar Fuerte


  • Edgardo Rodriguez
    Edgardo Rodriguez

    If you do the crime you will do the time that’s how it works in America

  • A You
    A You

    Wow how did that fat guy get away He was running in slow motion

    • Devin Berry
      Devin Berry

      Because the people he robbed were fatter

  • Tea with me Van
    Tea with me Van

    Selling for crack rat basterds

  • RealPurple&Gold#MinnesotaVikings

    Piece of shit thugs !!!!

  • Mike Alarcon
    Mike Alarcon

    This would have never happened to a professional breeder, these people are just backyard breeders breeding for profit and not improving the breed

    • javylooksasian

      Pounds full of puppies? The pound is the equivalent to prison for dogs a lot of dogs end up in the pound because of behavior issues or violant outburst

    • Mike Alarcon
      Mike Alarcon

      @fer1king not really all you're going to find in the pound is older mutts

    • fer1king

      F all breeders. Pounds full of puppies, dogs and ya'll steady breeding. F ya'll

  • Fernando

    The worst thing is the same raza..

  • Elizabeth Golden
    Elizabeth Golden

    I'm sure the woman they left behind is gonna end up giving them up. She's not gonna wanna sit in jail while her boyfriend and his friend enjoy the money they get from those puppies.

    • Alvaro Pantoja
      Alvaro Pantoja

      Scum of the earth is what I call those

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez

    Thiefs, very low class criminals, stealing puppies, wtf, just unbelievable 😔

  • Patricia Kjellander
    Patricia Kjellander

    Omg wtf those poor babies! I feel for that guy idc what his accent is he cares at least. Unlike the ones that stole em. Pos fucks. I hope they bite these asshole fucks.

  • Gallardo de la baja
    Gallardo de la baja


  • Jarmom

    This is why I hate some people... this is sickening 😢 😪 💔

  • David J.
    David J.

    Don't harm the doggos, poor things

  • Antonio Victom
    Antonio Victom

    Migos out here doing the most

  • Dylan Hitsman
    Dylan Hitsman

    "Where is dé puppies? We're terrified" Fuck off bro you were gonna sell em 2 minutes ago

    • Andramaches Papa
      Andramaches Papa

      Fuck off???you think what happened to them is ok because there foreign?

    • Mary Lou Sheehan
      Mary Lou Sheehan

      Exactly right!!

    • fer1king

      Lol de puppy's

    • Fernando

      Well yea thats why he's sad he lost a lot of money..

  • Phyllis Wilhelm
    Phyllis Wilhelm

    Pray for their safe return

  • Mike gastaldo
    Mike gastaldo

    Why doesn't any good opportunities like this ever happen to me? life's not fair...my German shepherds need to chew on flesh once in a while...sure the bite suits are great but there's no substitute for real blood and screams

  • Yung Metro
    Yung Metro


  • A Ae
    A Ae

    All criminals here! Making money from prob abused Mom having many puppies often,. Sad news here 😿

    • Mary Lou Sheehan
      Mary Lou Sheehan

      Absolutely agree!! Mom is probably already pregnant again!! Using her body to profit is sick!!

    • fer1king

      Right on

  • A Ae
    A Ae

    They were asking puppies?

  • Jenn Crane
    Jenn Crane

    Piece of crap THUGS . That have no jobs and do nothing but steal other folks stuff. You got yours coming soonly. That's is HIS WILL not mine.

    • Grisel Griselda
      Grisel Griselda

      Very very true. We have all gone through it. Seen it with my own eyes

  • Debbie Gannon
    Debbie Gannon

    Stop being a back yard breeder!!😠😠

    • Mary Lou Sheehan
      Mary Lou Sheehan

      The only reason they are upset is because they lost money. Not the poor puppies welfare.😢😢😢

    • fer1king

      Stop being a breeder.

  • only1venezia

    This why as a bulldog breeder, you never invite people to your home unless you can confirm their identity by requiring they have a Facebook account. You can then determine if the account is fake or real!!!

    • Hugo Aguilar
      Hugo Aguilar

      What an excuse of person you are... not everyone has social media. If you think that FB is a way to prove someone's identity then I feel sorry for you. Wake up bud. I myself don't do social media.

    • only1venezia

      @Hugo Aguilar No joke! You're the joke for thinking you can't determine if an account is fake or legit!!! When I ask to for FB info I never here from that person again, bcuz it a scam they have bad intentions PERIOD

    • only1venezia

      No joke! Ppl will kill you for these dogs and no FB account no dog PERIOD! You can firm if an account is legit or not - followers on FB are family, friends and coworkers! You could definitely determine whether you'll invite someone to your home or not.... just look what happened to Lady Gaga's dog walker... again NO acct no invite!!!

    • Runs with Dogs
      Runs with Dogs

      I don’t use social media and I would never steal a puppy from someone. Would you not sell a puppy to me?

    • Hugo Aguilar
      Hugo Aguilar

      Wow that's a way to prove someones identity lol what joke

  • Martinez Exotic Bulls
    Martinez Exotic Bulls

    When u sell ur puppies meet up at police station period

    • MsPhillyG


    • Martinez Exotic Bulls
      Martinez Exotic Bulls

      Thanks subscribe to my channel. From Ga

    • Grisel Griselda
      Grisel Griselda

      Your bubz in your pic is cute

  • John Zarate
    John Zarate

    This is complete bullshit! A set up! That lady needs to be held accountable, she knew those two thieves! I'm a Husky guy. I'm glad they didn't come to me, regardless the law in regards to life and personal self defense, I would have drawn my fire arm with a very out loud warning, the next decision is up to the criminal at that point. They showed up with bad intentions. Another thing the thrift that tan out the window, he dropped the bull dog pup! Again, this is bullshit! To go to a Family home with bad intentions, they need to be located, arrested and showed face with out debate, the full extent of the law. It's not just a theft issue......it about life. I really wish there would have been more men on the property to intervene during this shameful act! I would have helped! I can't wait to they are caught!!

  • Lucie Liddell
    Lucie Liddell

    I really hope you get them back, I got attacked in our back garden in UK Monday night as they tried to steal our puppy I got attacked but they dint get our dog.

    • Grisel Griselda
      Grisel Griselda

      You’re brave and God surely knew it

  • Megamane

    That what she gets for tryna be cool on IG

    • Megamane

      @Andramaches Papa were else a stupid young girl gonna show off

    • Andramaches Papa
      Andramaches Papa

      You know these guys?

  • sickestofemall

    How do you let these mofos jack you like that smh!! 🤦

  • HLG_TheShepherd

    I hope she rats them out. Thats fucked up

  • M. Susan Denton
    M. Susan Denton

    They should have met at a public place.

    • MsPhillyG

      @fer1king Why? If they had been in a public place they could have seen these thieves coming. You're stupid

    • fer1king

      You stupid

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    Broke your heart? Breeding & selling bulldogs. 1. Most of the time the female has to be incriminated. This is like rape for the female. 2. The norm (usually) she must then have c section to birth her puppies! You just want the $$$. They stole puppies, they just want the $$. You all suck! Heartbreaking!

  • KpopLoverS MC
    KpopLoverS MC

    Im sorry but if someone tried to still my dogs i would do more then throw a shoe

    • locomoco2012

      Throw two shoes?

  • cruz R
    cruz R

    2 words, Sig sauer.

    • mali 623
      mali 623

      Three words. Smith an Wesson

  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams

    This is really stupid why

  • Gucci


    • ASMRlacedwithpearls

      The man said it breaks his heart because he doesn’t know where the puppies are but 10 seconds before the assault & robbery, he was ready to exchange the puppies for money.. to a complete stranger.

    • javylooksasian

      They look like hard working dog breeders. Are you judgeing based on the sellers ethnic background

    • Gizmo Cast
      Gizmo Cast

      Exactly, the sellers look like scumbags

    • Hollow Skull
      Hollow Skull

      STFU u lame ass niggah

  • Elainna

    What the hell!!!

  • ricardo uriarte
    ricardo uriarte

    If you're going to invite a stranger to your home, at least carry a gun for safety purposes.

    • Runs with Dogs
      Runs with Dogs

      It’s illegal in California to shoot someone for stealing something of yours. Only if the person is directly threatening your life are you allowed to shoot them. The owners would go to jail.

  • Modular Living
    Modular Living

    Selling high price pets in a home? This was bound to happen. How much she wants for the puppies $2,000 ?🐶

    • ASMRlacedwithpearls

      @Grisel Griselda did you just call a living animal a belonging? 🤡

    • Sandi Foster
      Sandi Foster

      Where did the "Owners" get the puppies?What happened to the mama?Who has 2 of these pups? If they bought or had the mama why are they selling puppies now? Nasty business breeding of female dogs for money due to human laziness. Get a job,stop the raping and early death of the Mama's. Think, you are part of a discusting crime against animals.

    • Malachi Ben Yisrael
      Malachi Ben Yisrael

      5k and up. And yeah, these people were asking for trouble. The thieves were not even afraid of getting shot.

    • qp bmb
      qp bmb

      @Geraldo Macias facts the ones w the spots like that cost around 5k

    • Grisel Griselda
      Grisel Griselda

      That’s how much they’re worth. How you gonna tell someone how much to sell their belongings.

  • Tech


    • Mary Lou Sheehan
      Mary Lou Sheehan

      You are correct!! No love for puppies, just pure greed!!

  • Cult memeber
    Cult memeber

    Good, adopt don't sell these inbreds

  • Henry Correa
    Henry Correa

    I can't believe that media is wasting coverage on stolen dogs because why there is covid19 News

  • M G
    M G

    Don’t invite strangers into your home, be safe.

    • Patricia Kjellander
      Patricia Kjellander

      Yeah but its for puppies n this happens. Just unfortunate this has to happen.

  • Dasmien R
    Dasmien R

    She threw the chancla voladora damn

    • Veronica C.
      Veronica C.

      @Lori Boulais It's a sandal or flip flop, it's tradition for many Latino parents to spank you with the chancla or throw it at you as you run away from them 😂😂😂

    • Anita Simpson
      Anita Simpson

      @Lori Boulais it's a slipper, flip flop, old shoe

    • Lori Boulais
      Lori Boulais

      What is that?

    • Marianne B
      Marianne B


    • Veronica C.
      Veronica C.

      You could tell she has plenty of experience using the chancla! 😂

  • 323 2jz
    323 2jz

    Im raza i still didn't understand a dam word he said.

    • fer1king

      Dijo que le salieron alas a su feria

    • Nicole Novo
      Nicole Novo

      “It’s hard, it’s hard now. It’s hard, we don’t know. Where is it? Where is the puppies? It breaks my heart. I can’t believe it”

    • J.A Q
      J.A Q

      😅 same.

  • cedrick samaniego
    cedrick samaniego

    They should of went for the mask to help the camera

  • Sophia Huete
    Sophia Huete

    Dumb low life’s they’re fools who instead of looking for work decide to snatch a puppy and run. I hope they get them! 😠

  • Ricardo Kim
    Ricardo Kim


  • Francisco Aguilar
    Francisco Aguilar

    If they try selling those puppies lemme know I'm trynna cop one

    • Danny WestLos
      Danny WestLos

      😂they probably sold them that same day

  • Jose G
    Jose G

    Piece of shit it’s like abducting a child

  • Steph Corn
    Steph Corn

    heartless pos!

  • Freddie Cucaracha
    Freddie Cucaracha

    0:26 TRANSLATION: “I blame Gov. Gavin Newson, Mayor Eric Garcetti and definitely Los Angeles district attorney George Gascón they’ve ruined my family lives.

    • Gucci


    • cruz R
      cruz R

      Lmao! You sir are thee best translator!!

  • pMcgov56

    If anyoen says anything bad about the thieves they are racist

    • Andres Gonzalez
      Andres Gonzalez

      Anyone 🤣

    • Daniel Sanchez
      Daniel Sanchez

      @pMcgov56 yeah your a troll. No one can be this stupid

    • pMcgov56

      @Marianne B their children may not have had the privilege of playing with puppies. Or they may have been liberating those puppies

    • pMcgov56

      @Majestic Minded just because Im more woke and sensitive you want to name profile me?

    • Tech

      you really have to be more woke.

  • Joe Solo
    Joe Solo

    I think the mask was occluding oxygen to that guys brain as I didnt understand a word he said.

    • Dasmien R
      Dasmien R

      Lol he doesn’t know English well

  • Light Of Fieldy
    Light Of Fieldy

    If you see this man beat him to an inch of his life.

  • sapphirecatherine is back Purplecherries
    sapphirecatherine is back Purplecherries

    That is the cutest sweetest dog I have ever seen

  • it’s Ashley Nicole
    it’s Ashley Nicole

    Good thing they had cameras

    • Jenn Crane
      Jenn Crane

      They will help soon. Someone already knows them.

  • Edgar Morales
    Edgar Morales