CHP smash into suspect's car to end chase through LA | ABC7
A police SUV broadsided a suspect's vehicle to stop him from fleeing after an hourlong chase around the Echo Park and downtown Los Angeles area Thursday night. Full story:

  • Carlos Quezada
    Carlos Quezada

    He seen that pit

  • Sabrina Hulsey
    Sabrina Hulsey

    That the one

  • Sang Nam
    Sang Nam

    Awesome sports events. :)

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    Puro puto drogo en el volante gracias chp buen trabajo estos nos pueden matar manejando haci en las calles


    When a perpetrator is using the car as a “deadly weapon” against the public’s enforcement should use a helicopter sharpshooter w a 50 cal to STOP THE THREAT IMMEDIATELY! It’ll send a message to others. This is a form of terrorism being committed against innocent civilians by a crazy person or dangerous individual. But as usual...the liberals will side w the perpetrator .. Boo hoo 😢

  • R N
    R N

    Now chase corruption that hard.

  • Hipo1990

    when that chase was? does the LAPD have Crown Victorias still in service?

  • H2V PRO Eternal
    H2V PRO Eternal

    How many chases this week? Like 8? 😂😂😂

  • MP3

    Now that’s how it should always be done. Short and sweet.

  • 4Realkevv

    Doing extra ?


    i just realized cops consider a moving vehicle towards them a deadly threat... but they use they're vehicles to hit ppl.. even ppl on foot chase for petty stuff.. some cop cars have a huge metal front bumper shield..

  • Bryan Escalona
    Bryan Escalona

    Okay that was a great recap

  • Rishi Solanki
    Rishi Solanki

    that chevy spark was probably floored the whole time doing 70 hahahha

  • al milhouse
    al milhouse

    That's what the vehicle is for, they really need to do this more when chances arrise as life is a winner over coat of a new cruiser....

  • Quipson

    That angry cop needed to bash that back window, in case the driver was a back seat driver!

  • Larry Y. Ho
    Larry Y. Ho

    K9 should be used at the end of every pursuit to serve as a deterrent

  • Cabell Mercer
    Cabell Mercer

    "And there's the PIT" uh yeah that's not a PIT that's called a ram into door

  • Brian 3
    Brian 3

    Great job officer's. Its time to make it a automatic death penalty for the driver in these chases. These people deserve to have there ass beaten


    Quickly cuffed, zero bail!

  • carloss Loss
    carloss Loss

    Will someone please tell the reporter "that was not a pit". CHP crashed into the car to stop it.

  • Pretty Neat Stuff
    Pretty Neat Stuff

    Drive should lose their license for life, and sent to Afghanistan to fight in the war.

    • Gas Mask
      Gas Mask

      Lol what the fuck

    • Jayvon McComb
      Jayvon McComb

      That’s not a bad idea, have criminals fight in the war instead of doing nothing in jail cells. They can earn their right to reintegrate into society after so much service

  • Kerrie Macon
    Kerrie Macon

    Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is naomi petteway my granddaughter....

  • DanWhosoever

    The only time when main stream media post something worth watching. 👍

  • Erick Vasquez
    Erick Vasquez

    Those cops are "Heroes" 👏👏👏

  • Alfredo Vasquez
    Alfredo Vasquez

    Eso fue en California?

  • 1_TheRealCreatedJam

    what time was it when the chase ended

  • Haven The Terrible
    Haven The Terrible

    He's driving recklessly so they are giving him a taste of what happens if he keeps doing that

  • Ramons Media Blog
    Ramons Media Blog

    Love the aggressive moves!!

  • White Chocolate
    White Chocolate

    CHP making LAPD look like the clowns that they are.

    • Whacks

      @Darth Stoner It's almost like there are certain policies certain departments have to abide by like not being able to do any type of rams or pit maneuvers. Its all dependant on your department policies. Just because some Officers can do certain things or have certain tools, doesn't mean all of them can. It's deemed too expensive for more departments to constantly cover damages and law suits for rams or pit maneuvers, not to mention unsafe to even chase with certain circumstances.

    • Darth Stoner
      Darth Stoner

      @Vincent Flores yeah LA and the surrounding counties have become the mecca of police pursuits, you would think local PDs would have more vehicle units equipped to deal with this kinda stuff by now...

    • Vincent Flores
      Vincent Flores

      White Chocolate hell yeah dude I've seen the chases LAPD has had in the past few days and they are fucking ridiculous chases are like 2 hours long and just the fucking ghetto bird is following and the drivers are still putting people life at risk.

    • joven9494yt yay
      joven9494yt yay

      Thats rhe stupidest fucking picture

  • Marina Martinez
    Marina Martinez

    They should do that more often.

  • PaaTRiiCiia T
    PaaTRiiCiia T

    He must *ish himself when they resumed the pursuit...I was super disappointed when they called off but they tricked his ass!!! Nice work officer 😛

  • Wes

    re: ".... his feet sticking out of the sunroof." That's simple enough. When police told him "HANDS UP" he mistook them and thought they said "Legs Up'. But, it does look a little 'Kinky'.

  • FitForActing Reynaldo B
    FitForActing Reynaldo B

    @1:18 hope they found the evidence he just threw out the window 🤔

  • Mike Cortez
    Mike Cortez

    That chp got lucky he didn’t get smashed

  • Ithad Beenso
    Ithad Beenso

    No no... I thought procedure was to keep pulling up alongside rolling the window down for 47 miles "it's not worth it bro" "it's not worth it bro".... till the guy gets to a neighborhood he knows, stops jumps out, runs through a backyard and gets away...

  • hung nguyen
    hung nguyen

    How come at the chases, suspect (s) behaved like a good child?

    • sapphirecatherine is back Purplecherries
      sapphirecatherine is back Purplecherries

      Because he's not a turd

  • rambadur

    Lol Mark Braun

  • MrPLC999

    When LA finally starts implementing the Grappler (look it up), there will be a huge reduction in these suicidal chases.

    • Dont ask
      Dont ask

      Would have been a reduction years ago if they killed every one of them. Don't wanna die...dont be a prick

  • H B
    H B

    people who run from police need to be immediately executed when caught

  • Evan Huang
    Evan Huang

    There’s like a car chase in LA like every week!

    • Jogn Fong
      Jogn Fong

      even the ones that show up on LV-home seem to be every week, so there's prob more

    • GoldenMango

      It's everyday, most are not televised.

    • MarcosElMalo2

      @doggy dogg world and twice a day on weekends.

    • doggy dogg world
      doggy dogg world

      Na every day

  • Pinstripe Jim
    Pinstripe Jim

    CHP should be able to use more aggressive tactics to stop these idiots.

  • Pete Swanson
    Pete Swanson

    You mean they can't behave this way ? That's bullcrap call BLM, for crying out loud , they didn't know no better. Let them be it's racist

  • Vivian Lang
    Vivian Lang

    Uh oh

  • Adolfo Gonzalez
    Adolfo Gonzalez

    Good job chp is so much better than lapd and sheriff

    • Jogn Fong
      Jogn Fong

      I think CHP is on a state level while LAPD is city and Sheriff Dept is county level, so yeah, they are in the big leagues 😂

    • Jed Burnell
      Jed Burnell

      The CHP offers driving courses to other law enforcement agencies around the world.

  • 2resist2exist insta
    2resist2exist insta

    Rule #1 : You'll never out run the radio. Rule #2 : Don't be that guy.

    • jacob h
      jacob h

      Rule #3 you can't out run the eye in the sky

    • Robert Hartfield
      Robert Hartfield

      @2resist2exist insta yea right

    • 2resist2exist insta
      2resist2exist insta

      @Robert Hartfield lol 😆 you know you're getting caught!

    • Robert Hartfield
      Robert Hartfield

      Depends what your driving lol my 1000 is leaving them for sure

    • LisaS

      Or the helicopter.

  • Ramon Ayala
    Ramon Ayala

    A Chevy Sonic? LMAO


    Those officers were waiting for the right time to get into the Action.

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Did chp HAVE to do that ? 🤷

    • Blue Lives Matter
      Blue Lives Matter

      Why not ? He put a lot of people at risk by driving so fast and reckless and should have gotten more in my opinion. Too many idiots in LA the cops are not backing down Ever !

    • SEvolve

      Stop the chase and arrest the criminals? Yes. That's what we pay them for.

  • Lights and Sirens
    Lights and Sirens

    1:00 somebody called me ??

  • Darth Troublous
    Darth Troublous

    Why did CHP leave and then return?

    • Erick Hendley
      Erick Hendley

      They did not. LAPD left multiple times, and CHP took over once he got back on the freeway towards the end, and they stuck with it. CHP > LAPD lol

    • Jessel Urbina
      Jessel Urbina

      That’s my question lol

  • Darth Troublous
    Darth Troublous


  • El Compa Ish
    El Compa Ish


  • George Spalding
    George Spalding

    I've never seen police units called off a Chase like that and then re-engage the chase a few minutes later. That was some weird s***.

    • Vox90

      Two different police agencies

    • popanollie1

      started to call lester but got a busy signal

    • darthrib 12
      darthrib 12

      CHP > LAPD

  • carbikenetwork

    brutal pit maneuver but no shooting - well nextime

  • Wild D
    Wild D

    Everyday this week!

  • George W Bush Center for Intelligence
    George W Bush Center for Intelligence

    Crooks been practicing GTA on the reliable frontier high speed network. Cops been practicing the pit maneuver in real life 7 days a week for a year straight . you can see the hard work paying off as pit maneuvers have become really a privilege to watch. Maybe we need a pit maneuver of the year award .

    • George W Bush Center for Intelligence
      George W Bush Center for Intelligence

      @MarcosElMalo2 optics . it looked cool right?

    • MarcosElMalo2

      The contact that ended the pursuit wasn’t much if a PIT maneuver. It looked like a T-Bone.

  • PeluchinPower

    Hello I'm michael white

  • Daniel Valencia
    Daniel Valencia

    Wtf This United States Of America people I thought were supposed to protect USA and be untied with one another not destroying people’s lives and broadcast this

    • Blue Lives Matter
      Blue Lives Matter

      What are you saying ? You support criminals ?

  • Carlos Villalta
    Carlos Villalta

    Hello I'm marc brown

  • Flik

    This the same dude that led police on a chase, stopped at a red light and didn’t move for so long that police turned around and left.. wonder how it got to this point cause the livestream stopped

    • Juan Time
      Juan Time

      @Flik yes totally weird.

    • Juan Time
      Juan Time

      IKR... They took off and left for another pursuit. That was weird. That was stupid.

    • Flik

      @That One Girl ikr it was legit red for like 5 minutes! And the gray car next to them not moving was even weirder to me lol

    • That One Girl
      That One Girl

      That was probably the longest red light that I'd ever seen. The cops left because there was another high-speed chance going on.

  • nephyril

    That was his feet sticking out of the sunroof lol

    • Marvelous Tuaumu
      Marvelous Tuaumu

      Exactly! He was saying it was his arms, I thought I was hallucinating.

    • Jogn Fong
      Jogn Fong

      prob trying to switch over to passenger seat and escape 😂

    • DcU

      @LisaS Driving upside down the whole time 😂😂

    • GuamanianBlood619


    • Jessel Urbina
      Jessel Urbina

      @LisaS hahaha

  • Daddyhaap

    That was MINT! Great police work boys

  • 40thStangGT

    About dam time they started ramming these douchebags from running from the Cops. Its getting ridiculous to chase these bottom feeders for hours because of stupid pursuit policies set forth by Attorneys who think this is peachy

  • Ash Jawid
    Ash Jawid

    Wow i looked down from my apartment to see this

    • Mgtowski

      You live near the post office/mcdonald's/cvs?

    • Survivor1947

      That’s crazy

  • Bobby Kimble
    Bobby Kimble

    Biden letting in tens of thousands of illegals.. Good luck California, you'll need it

    • LisaS

      @V T Did you conveniently forget the crazy Republican thugs breaking and entering into our National Capitol Building where people were killed and it took at least $500,000 to repair the damage that was caused? Those criminal misfits are still being hunted down and arrested. It has been proven that some Republican officials knew about and encouraged it ahead of time. Your argument that somehow Republicans have the market cornered on law and order falls pitifully flat.

    • V T
      V T

      Keep voting democrats politicians for crime for criminals first. Come on men.

    • Flik

      Lmao people not from Cali having takes on Cali is my favorite

    • daphnelu7

      Yeeep it’s not getting any better here

    • Apollo

      @BLM is Shady your asian

  • Jude MelRoses
    Jude MelRoses

    Must've been in a hurry.

  • keep it real
    keep it real

    "Get more great ABC7 constant"😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂 Yeah mark brown great contant

    • LA2THABAY !
      LA2THABAY !

      U got hearing problems

  • Dream State Films
    Dream State Films

    BAM! You’re done.