Police chasing suspect near downtown Los Angeles | ABC7 Los Angeles
Police chased a suspect through the Echo Park and downtown Los Angeles areas. Full story: abc7.com/chp-smash-into-suspects-car-to-end-la-chase/10352755/


    There comes a point when the perpetrator refusing to lawfully stop, then uses the car as a Deadly weapon against the public....it would be therefor wise to have a helicopter with a sharpshooter, take out the dangerous vehicle with a 50 cal. That should stop the “deadly weapon” threat against the public and put on notice others who may try to flee.

  • Monica Tobar
    Monica Tobar

    R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down

  • 1_TheRealCreatedJam

    why does it start with a ozempic ad

  • Channel

    mans called lester

  • Matthew Kripal
    Matthew Kripal

    Wtf happened

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire

    THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON PRIME .........................

  • Filipino Boi
    Filipino Boi

    POV: You're watching memes then the voice actor said there's a police chase

    • leavemevlone


  • MN

    Lapd abandoned pursuit so that CHP could take over. They arrested him about 10 minutes after this

  • Howl TheMarquis
    Howl TheMarquis

    If that was a minority, that shit would have ended differently.

    • leavemevlone


  • Ronno

    So its nice to know that you can break the call without any consequences in LA.

  • russian bot
    russian bot

    FAKE NEWS :) it's all acting.

  • David Lang
    David Lang

    A red light that doesn’t change for over five minutes?!?!?!?!?!?!? Even the cops couldn’t wait and took off allowing the driver to get away from whatever was the original violation that set this whole drama up in the first place. OK next time if you’re being pursued by LAPD just show up at Division and San Fernando and ...... wait.

  • Ernest Stewart
    Ernest Stewart

    So he lived after they got him oh ok

  • Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch
    Jeanieart1940 Kowatsch

    Not like BOURNE .

  • JamesRockon

    What the hell did I just watch?

  • Smaller Wallet
    Smaller Wallet

    So just start a high speed chase, then slow down and stop at red lights, and the cops will go home

  • Smaller Wallet
    Smaller Wallet

    So just initiate a chase with the cops, then stop speeding and obey the traffic lights and they will just go home?

  • H.L. Westlake
    H.L. Westlake

    makes me laugh how these mo fo's think that a helicopter above and cops behind isn't really happening? HA

  • 1Proud American2021
    1Proud American2021

    He's stopped at the light. pull a couple cars on both sides, take this fool down. What in the world are they doing, letting this go? This is next level corruption coming down from the higher ups to cause more chaos on the streets. It would be so easy to take this driver down. ANYONE watching this knows I'm right. They let him go on purpose to show all criminals Police are standing down, go commit crimes. This was PATHETIC and the Police should be embarrassed and humiliated. They are a DISGRACE for letting this criminal go.

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    Kinda poor really it could of been stopped ages ago but it makes good news I suppose if there isn't anything else to report

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    Wow this channel report this like its a really bad car chase lol the police could of ending it 5mims ago top speed 50mph that's very poor.

  • Nicholas Cooper
    Nicholas Cooper

    Cali is the car chase capitol. I see one almost daily now. Lol

    • yea right
      yea right

      naw texas

    • Joana

      Has always been

  • gary gerard
    gary gerard

    the guy's stopped at a light Shoot Him

    • crossfire081771

      Reckless pursuit officers were probably racial motivations for not proper stopping initially,proper safe trapping with perimeter with radio communications and helicopters,and then allowing reckless driver to simply leave without proper suffering consequences of danger ,lawless behavior.if offender was person of color,(especially black African American),then racism law enforcement would deadly rammed vehicle and/or sinister evil shot in vehicle.basic evil reason for stop pursuit:offender was probably white violation within white dominated part of Los Angeles city and other city police Department within Los Angeles County .disturbing.then,racism Los Angeles,California police Department decided for illegal abandonment of reckless,careless but lawful chase ,for atrocities assistance of another abomination reckless chase against people of color communities-probably .sickening and disturbing.

  • MrSpeedDemon72

    The reason why the light was red for so long was because both the cars were past the stop line, sitting in the cross walk and past pads embedded in the road that triggers the light. Regardless, all the police had to do was box that idiot in since he was just sitting there. If the sheriff's dept is going to be that ineffective, you might as well not even have one. Tax payer dollars thrown down the toilet IMO.

  • Danny V
    Danny V

    He was probably a under cover agent why would they just leave

  • felix rubalcava
    felix rubalcava

    talk about luck

  • Edgar Camacho
    Edgar Camacho

    Me and the wife were driving by Figueroa and Colorado. The driver stopped in the Chevron Gas station right on the corner.

  • Davey Rock
    Davey Rock


  • Ryan Gall
    Ryan Gall

    a few minutes later they fucked him up so don't worry

  • Nibs Sean
    Nibs Sean

    Both those idiots were not on the censor 😂

  • carbikenetwork

    i wanted to see - pit maneuver and shooting

    • crossfire081771

      Only for people of color communities and violators of color--unless white offenders attempt to kill racism law enforcement-of course.

  • Insurection Act
    Insurection Act

    When they can't see out of their windows and use their headlights

  • Insurection Act
    Insurection Act

    Po lite case

  • Insurection Act
    Insurection Act

    Paintball guns are the answer

  • Insurection Act
    Insurection Act

    I think the law like the long drawn out chase more than the one's getting chased

  • Insurection Act
    Insurection Act

    If they only had a brain

  • Insurection Act
    Insurection Act

    Paint ball gun black paint balls, a special rapid firing gun to take out their headlights and fire into the windshield to obstruct their vision

  • Techwise Gamer
    Techwise Gamer

    He’s like legit following Traffic rules and even putting up the turning light

    • BACNandEGGS

      I’ve seen ppl turn all their lights off then use their signal hahaha so strange must just be muscle memory

  • Max Zomboni
    Max Zomboni

    LOL, the cops got tired of waiting for the never ending red light, and gave up. 😆

  • DJ

    They reset us back to the 90's

  • Edward C
    Edward C

    I swear I’m confused. Wtf happened at the end??? Lmao

    • Southern Finest
      Southern Finest

      Chp took over pursuit and ended the chase shortly after.

  • Pie 4life
    Pie 4life

    Im applying for a weapons license and showing this video as my reason why. Yes cops just left and did nothing to stop him.

  • OJ. Reyes
    OJ. Reyes

    He used a cheat code man he kept messing up the R2 button 😂

    • devLeywenkotz

      this is not a Game! Please return to reality

  • Bianca mcgill
    Bianca mcgill

    This was like pure Grand theft auto lol 😂

  • K H
    K H

    Lol...longest light ever. Police shift over. No overtime. Let's clock out go home fellas.

  • kingisback LJK
    kingisback LJK

    California for you

  • Maxx

    Total waist of 16 minutes.

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan

    There is a more civilized criminal who is respecting the law on traffic 🚥.

  • Hundreds Tv
    Hundreds Tv

    my old hood ave 51

  • Symon Channel
    Symon Channel

    The Pilot from Weazel News is about to rage quit since everyday their always som noob trying to evade the NPC's >_

  • MamaOfKodiMani

    So many chases in L.A. recently ... #1) is still the 5mph chase the other week.

  • Sky's Law life
    Sky's Law life

    man was arrested by chp lmao

  • Ren

    Another one.

  • Joel Campos
    Joel Campos

    This guy's stopping at red lights, using his signal. I think he forgot he's in a pursuit lol

    • nephyril

      I think he's so high he didn't even know he was in a pursuit

  • Barbara Castillo
    Barbara Castillo

    My old neighborhood hlp


    Where is BLM when you really need them. 🤣🤣🤣


      @Nicholas Cooper i guess you do.

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      Just have to be that idiot huh.


      @daniel DanielK lol...yep

    • daniel DanielK
      daniel DanielK

      Enjoying Joe Biden win. BidenKamala2024

  • Chris Fairnot
    Chris Fairnot

    I guess they called Lester

  • Bill Griffin
    Bill Griffin

    Where's the audio?

  • Woody Wood
    Woody Wood

    That a VW Golf?

  • offended liberal
    offended liberal

    Another one?

  • Adolfo Gonzalez
    Adolfo Gonzalez

    Sherif and Lapd is a joke

  • cobraswat818

    What a waist. LAPD waistline money. If it’s not exciting they don’t like to respond. Some one through a rock from a bridge and shatter my front window. I fallowed the kids for an hour. Gave up went home and the cops called me 6 hours later to see if I needed assistants.

    • Gedion Samuel
      Gedion Samuel

      Here’s the ending 😂: lv-home.info/the/Y2eThmiteJ1jsL0/video.html

  • The Memer King
    The Memer King

    Went from 2 stars wanted level to 0 stars wanted level within 15 minutes

    • devLeywenkotz

      this is not a Game! Please return to reality

  • Patrick

    Lol I have been bing watching chases for a few hours and boom...here's a new one. As I'm watching this stoned I'm thinking the lapd was trying something new and the red light was them talking to another cop. They have done false persuits before.

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz

    This foo lost all his stars hahaha

    • TheWPack911

      He entered a cheat code clearly.

    • El Compa Ish
      El Compa Ish


    • Antonio Peterson
      Antonio Peterson

      It was the light😅😅

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor

    the longest red light in the world.

    • Batman Guzman
      Batman Guzman

      Morons weren't on the sensor. Traffic lights with arrows, have then further back to turn left. Stay on the sensor and driver avoids having to wait the turn from oncoming traffic

    • B4ckwoodb4by !
      B4ckwoodb4by !

      Y’all his dumb ass wasn’t on the sensor 🤣🤣 that light turns fast af I should know

    • Alina Mae
      Alina Mae

      They can stop them if they want so it won't turn green if you didn't know if you were joking I'm sorry

    • James Elkins
      James Elkins

      Lol took the words right out of my mouth 😂

  • Allen Lindow
    Allen Lindow


  • AMAZiiN

    LAPD don’t care about no one shit wtf this foo here tripping they jus wasn’t enough speed for the pit how about the guy on the s.b. 5 fwy last night doing 120+ mph

  • AMAZiiN

    Lmao this foo swears LAPD cares about anybody shit the cop jus couldn’t do it cause not enough speed

  • Crystal Corley
    Crystal Corley

    I laughed my ass off when a guy on another channel said "Is he naked?"

    • Joel Campos
      Joel Campos


  • Wesbestt Plays
    Wesbestt Plays

    14:44 when you’re about to catch the bad guy but Dunkin donuts is having a buy 1 get one free special



    • Antonio Peterson
      Antonio Peterson


    • Ant C
      Ant C


    • Sunset Rose
      Sunset Rose


  • Simo Häyhä
    Simo Häyhä

    He a black jacket

  • Allen Lindow
    Allen Lindow

    I used to live top of MW

  • Sang Nam
    Sang Nam

    Awesome sports events. :)

  • Victor sanchez
    Victor sanchez

    What happened cop just left???😂😂😂

    • Gedion Samuel
      Gedion Samuel

      Here’s the ending 😂: lv-home.info/the/Y2eThmiteJ1jsL0/video.html

  • geothon

    What was that about?

  • Marias

    liberal California for you lol

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      What does a car chase have to do with politics?

  • Matthew Moreno
    Matthew Moreno

    Another channel had the rest of it, CHP ended up picking it back up and got him

    • leavemevlone

      What channel

  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S.

    9 minutes after they stopped this stream the CHP got involved and instantly pitted the suspect's car in a parking lot. They then broke out the windows and dragged the shirtless suspect out. The CHP wasn't playin compared to the sherrifs lol. Just an update for all those who wanted to know the outcome.

    • B4ckwoodb4by !
      B4ckwoodb4by !

      Really ?

    • The Little Green Ball
      The Little Green Ball

      Thank you for the ending info!!

    • Edward Parkhurst
      Edward Parkhurst

      @Beto 5ohh it's rather safe place in more ways than one. Really.

    • Beto 5ohh
      Beto 5ohh

      @Edward Parkhurst might move over to NC soon

    • Anthony Galeano
      Anthony Galeano


  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno

    I've never seen this many pursuits

    • Nicholas Cooper
      Nicholas Cooper

      @CeeJaay Shields I didn’t know chases just started Jan 20th. What were they called before Biden? Caravans? Parades? I’m lost.

    • DJ

      In the 90's these were on every night.

    • D watson
      D watson

      @CeeJaay Shields Yeah because pursuits never happened here before🙄... These politicians live inside you guy's heads for real

    • Patrick

      In today's world he might 3 months. Depends on the charges.

    • CeeJaay Shields
      CeeJaay Shields

      Welcome to Joe Bidens America

  • Thanos


  • Adrian Rivera
    Adrian Rivera

    No u don’t

  • Yo Bama
    Yo Bama

    I own this comment section. Let's go!!!