Alaska woman using outhouse attacked by bear, from below | ABC7
An Alaska woman had the scare of a lifetime when using an outhouse in the backcountry and she was attacked by a bear, from below.

  • Margarita Maldonado
    Margarita Maldonado

    Next r Time, look before you leap!

  • Margarita Maldonado
    Margarita Maldonado

    That's exactly why I'm too scared to use an outhouse,becauSe I was afraid if somerhi ng biting my butt.

  • Lester Pittenger
    Lester Pittenger

    The outhouse was attacked?

  • plutoplatters

    Bear must have smelled a gas leak

  • plutoplatters

    I'm thinking that was a Brown-Brown Bear ???

  • plutoplatters

    Bear got pissed off and yelled eat s_it !!

  • plutoplatters

    "Shitless happens"

  • Lucia Seacreature
    Lucia Seacreature

    i hope the bear is ok it was in a toilet full bacteria

  • Cynthia Gonzales
    Cynthia Gonzales

    Get an indoor toliet

  • Juan Gallardo
    Juan Gallardo

    Bear did not like the chocolate.

  • Cat Blue
    Cat Blue

    I’d rather win the lotto

  • kris Pedersen
    kris Pedersen

    But did the bear ever get out?!?

  • Asmodeus

    BS story

  • Kristina Bartlett
    Kristina Bartlett

    Honestly this lady should get a plaque that says “Outhouse Bear Attack Survivor” because when do you get that chance in 2021

  • P eace
    P eace

    She wouldn't be laughing if it had managed to drag her down, she'd be dead.

  • rnelson299

    The bear is a predator

  • kitdinker

    I had to paws when I saw this.

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown

    That was me. I get mistaken for a bear all the time.

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B

    There's a joke about a "bare butt" lurking here somewhere.

  • A B
    A B

    Haha the dude looks like the Wet Bandit from Home Alone.

  • Gay Michaelis
    Gay Michaelis

    I’ve lived in Alaska before, but didn’t have an out house up there! I’ve had an out house in Florida and one in Alabama! That would be scary, what happened to you! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m just wondering how that bear got down there?! Did he have his hibernating cave/ his hole right there?! That’s pretty incredible!!!!

  • Mike Alms
    Mike Alms

    the bear had a shit-eating grin

  • bakedwithrealchez

    Before she sat down she was a man

  • John Gray
    John Gray

    Poor bear. He must have been traumatised

  • dailo dai
    dailo dai

    surprise the bear didn't take a chunk off her butt

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright

    Bear was sleeping and saw the Bad Moon Rising.

  • Shell m
    Shell m

    yeah so they make high tinsel wire, with solar power hot wire, the have breeze ways you could have to get to your out house. they have composting campodes.

  • Line Danzer
    Line Danzer

    The comments are hilarious.

    • Vaxx Card
      Vaxx Card

      It really hilarious to watch from Haines Alaska. I live here and know everyone involved. Bears are common here, going viral is the hilarious part of the story for us.

  • Johnny Rep
    Johnny Rep

    So, it's not just the black windows you need to worry about...

  • Devina St Claire
    Devina St Claire

    Was a poop hole his hibernation station?

  • c m
    c m


  • Fittastic Shape
    Fittastic Shape


  • K Maxx
    K Maxx

    Wait!!! I thought they shit IN THE WOODS???!!!????

  • Jimmy Schmidt
    Jimmy Schmidt

    now he is a brown bear.

  • Darrel Hardy
    Darrel Hardy


  • ThisIsMyUsername

    I want pictures damnit. I promise you everybody on youtube has seen worse than human feces.

  • lacy russell
    lacy russell

    I have so many questions like how the hell did he get in there??

  • Mytien QN
    Mytien QN

    He's a pipping bear 🐻

  • George Vangordon
    George Vangordon

    That’s just kind of rude

  • solo dolo
    solo dolo

    Did she not look before sitting

    • Tree Hugger
      Tree Hugger

      Maybe she wasn't raised with outhouses. You always look before you sit. Well unless you want your ass bit.

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz

    I cannot bear to hear this story lol.

  • Sir Tinnley
    Sir Tinnley

    I always talk to the hole before I sit on it. I don’t care how silly it looks.

  • David G.
    David G.

    If she would have just finished, she would have had the best backcountry bear bidet. 🐻👄🌼

  • PK

    She wasn’t “ATTACKED” ya bunch of drama queens............

  • David G.
    David G.

    So how does a bear get down inside out house pit? Cuz everybody wants to know how he did this magic trick. All I can say is there must have been a trench on the back side of the outhouse, leading straight in to the poop pit.

  • John Wood
    John Wood

    Actual proof the bears don’t shit in the woods.

  • briargoatkilla

    Look before you leak.

  • Timothy Robertson
    Timothy Robertson

    The bear almost caught a mouth full of 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Marilou Dimalanta
    Marilou Dimalanta

    Nothing was mentioned if she needed stitches for her bottom. The bite must have not been that severe !

  • ꧁Cat G꧂
    ꧁Cat G꧂

    How exactly did the bear get i there? And why would it be in there? Obviously did not bite her very hard. More like hey lady get me out of here.

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor

    That bear was too embarrassed for a full attack...that was a hey, are you kidding me bite!?!?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jody littlecrowe
    Jody littlecrowe

    A black bear swatted her bum. It didn’t attack her. This story is hilarious & mis tilted.

  • Shar Roon
    Shar Roon

    Look twice before you bear it all

  • Danni

    HOW did the bear get down there?

  • Wave Length
    Wave Length

    She wasn’t attacked by a bear!! She practically shit on it!

  • T Roller
    T Roller

    My kinda bear! Hate he's trying to take our job! 😂😂😂

  • E. Zurb
    E. Zurb

    Finally answers the question of whether or not a bear s**** in the woods.

  • Isela Lopez
    Isela Lopez

    See i knew i had a good reson for fearing those toilets .

  • margaret neanover
    margaret neanover

    Why don't we hear world weather on television news? Main media reality?

  • margaret neanover
    margaret neanover

    Wow. Is it something to worry about Alaska now?

  • Buffalo lil
    Buffalo lil

    Quiet bear

  • Bradley Shimels
    Bradley Shimels

    The bear always in the rangers hair !

  • j b
    j b

    old chinese proverb... anyone, who tries to relieve themselves in a bear's honey hole, deserves to be bitten on bottom

  • Andrea Scipio
    Andrea Scipio

    But what did her butt do?

  • Crystal Chavez
    Crystal Chavez

    Wow that’s crazy

  • CEOkiller

    Don’t shit on a bear!

  • E J
    E J

    This woman is extremely annoying.



  • Linda Carruthers
    Linda Carruthers

    Outhouses are awful. I will never go anywhere if I have to use one . Visiting my Grandma who lived on a property outside of Sydney Australia I had to use one . It was against a slope of sunny rock upon which snakes disported themselves . A large blue tongue lizard hung out on the rock right by the door , and some sort of big cocoon covered with twigs hung from the ceiling above the seat .I am a Newzealander and only used to gentle wildlife . No outhouse for me .

  • Zion the great W
    Zion the great W

    Snatch sandwich

  • tripleyoker

    Talk about bare ass!

  • MUFFA 912
    MUFFA 912

    first , the bear was forced into low income housing ... then , dumped on by a squatter

  • Ed Hatch
    Ed Hatch

    Does a bear shit in the woods? I'm not so sure anymore.

  • Wrk Hrse
    Wrk Hrse

    I thought falling in the toilet was just a figure of speech.

  • N M
    N M

    Rabies shots?

  • Kimberly Shalaby
    Kimberly Shalaby

    You dear precious Lady my heart goes out to you. You are definitely "1" in a million!

  • Alan Zolotoff
    Alan Zolotoff

    What you really have to watch out for are Snakes 🐍 ! Glad your alive 👍👍👍

  • david jones
    david jones

    let us see the bite marks

  • Sharon I
    Sharon I

    Why are bears awake

  • Lauren Caulton
    Lauren Caulton

    Hey, lady! I'm in here! Geez.

  • han solo
    han solo

    Did it get her bear a$$


    She bearly got😄


    Now, that what you call a "bear behind"...😧😉😃

  • zantigar

    This story is incomplete. How did they finally remove the bear FROM the pit of that outhouse? Yes, getting bit on the behind IS amusing, but tell us what they subsequently did with the bear. Poor reporting.

    • zantigar

      @niteowl789 Ha! Didn't think of that - good question!

    • niteowl789

      It said that he found tracks the next day which leads me to believe the bear got away. That made me wonder if the woman started rabies shots.

  • Ddarke11

    God: "how can I make bear attacks even more scarier?" Bear under a toilet seat: "sup"

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson

    Yep they're out early this year , just saw yesterday tracks in Juneau Alaska

  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob

    Well, can't blame the bear. he smelled fish.

    • Kiki Sylvester
      Kiki Sylvester

      Blobbert mcblob: your plain nasty! If you smell fish down there.. Run fast or you'll catch more then that smell!

  • LizzieGirlsMom

    She got bit by a bear on the butt , did she have to go to the hospital and get any treatment for it or anything?


    I was in one once that had a Copperhead in it!

    • Aoife

      To me that would be worse than the bear.

  • Amanda Witherspoon
    Amanda Witherspoon

    That would be enough to make you constipated.

    • Aoife

      That would make me use a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket from now on.

  • Sonia Sonic
    Sonia Sonic

    At a farm cabin (14yrs old.) Terrified of falling in the outhouse, I went far and sat in the middle of of nowhere. It felt like a snake, then wet, trying to get up it started to feel like a tung.. it was a dog. 1wk later, the men searched for an escaped wild bull... it found me. I was in the same situation, as when the dog licked me. The bull attacked me.. I heard it's nostrils before I looked up and saw it.

  • Brian Elmore
    Brian Elmore

    that was a shit move on the bear's part

  • Max Covfefe
    Max Covfefe

    Surprised she still has a butt.

  • Tyrone Koumoundouros
    Tyrone Koumoundouros

    Mark brown is not white

  • Sandra Crosby Guerrero
    Sandra Crosby Guerrero

    Frightening a bear like that could of mauled her butt off literally..

    • Aoife

      I wanted to know how many stitches it took.

  • WJack97224

    Take a "dump" on me....remember the song, Take a Chance on Me?

  • Hummingbird 22
    Hummingbird 22

    The bear looked up and saw a bear bum. 🐻

  • TheFoolinthe rainn
    TheFoolinthe rainn

    Sounds like a flatlander... went to an outhouse without being armed? Okie doke. Have a nice flight home. Don't let the bear bite you in the butt on your way out of the state.

  • FerrariVersace

    The biggest bear shyt I ever heard.

  • Debra Costley
    Debra Costley

    Get a door that has to be open by a hand, No paws allowed.