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  • Michael McIntosh Drums
    Michael McIntosh Drums

    I love how the other dog just skips around thinking, this is a great game. 😂

  • The Hare and Shroom
    The Hare and Shroom

    This lady is my hero!

  • Sophia

    Businesses HAVE been open, even clubs. Nobody followed guidelines, but I bet they’ll follow this one

  • Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer

    So many snowflakes and Karens in the comment section.

  • Dylan Barker
    Dylan Barker

    We just wanna work unlike the rest of the country, stay home if you want

  • RW Jack
    RW Jack

    Ironic that a country built on freedom is perfectly fine just handing it back. Wish I ived in Texas

  • Metsasusi

    I would have done the same.

  • cruzan mongoose
    cruzan mongoose

    Dogs get more pr than the guy that got shot.

  • Della Walker
    Della Walker

    This man is crazy republican who like killing people is he going to open the Governor manison

  • Sofie

    that’s so scary

  • Sophia

    This is why Texas is the laughing stock of The whole country 🤦‍♀️ what they don’t know is that cities like Houston never agree with this 🤡

    • Red Leader
      Red Leader

      You cannot shut down 4eva

  • Epine Phrine
    Epine Phrine

    Sooo happy to see her come running right out after he fell in.

  • pamud93

    Meanwhile in my country. Dog is haram, dog deserves no help

  • Nattyboro

    Best human award

  • judygeno

    Gad bless you hard 👏👏

  • AndrewKidd14145

    Who wouldn’t, normal things.

  • Síle

    Forget the inmates, imagine being a little baby and your trapped in a hot car for a while and there’s people banging at the door and then your mother comes and just puts a phone in your face

  • novabus boy
    novabus boy

    My eye are burning

  • donni febianto
    donni febianto

    from the article : Sid is now fine, chewing toys and avoiding the pool at all costs.

  • Krispy1011

    That's just 1 in 25 SUV's that got caught - the other 24 SUV's get into USA everyday untouched! think about it!

  • Riley Goossen
    Riley Goossen

    Dumb dog!

  • lulu111593

    People can wear masks forever if they want to, for the rest we need to go on with our lives

    • Sophia

      Then make sure to stay the F*** away from people at least if you are not wearing a mask

  • lulu111593

    I love it!!

  • Bad Vibes
    Bad Vibes

    You don’t hold a baby carelessly with one hand like that, unprofessional smh

  • pallavi pal
    pallavi pal

    The dog is so lucky to have such a wonderful owner...

  • Oshun's Life
    Oshun's Life

    She's a Kayin.

  • Unknown Ok
    Unknown Ok

    I love the colf

  • 'life is hell'
    'life is hell'

    That's one brave lady.

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander

    The dog is alive right?? 😔Imagine if that a child😭😭

  • Gregory Evans
    Gregory Evans

    Best place for the scumbag is where he is now

  • A. R. Nash
    A. R. Nash

    Well done... Saved a life for sure

  • Sam Mali
    Sam Mali

    No barrier for the pool.

  • Y / N
    Y / N

    Ouch! That is so irresponsible of them!!!

  • Tosca Tattertail
    Tosca Tattertail

    I am glad the dogs have been found safe ( is on another video), i am glad he survived, but why was he walking the animals in public at night?

  • DesireeAngelicMelodies

    Thank God For Gregg Abott we all know the mask were a joke and doesn't prevent anything.!

  • vijay shetye
    vijay shetye

    She is the only ten I see

  • Lisa Harrison
    Lisa Harrison

    Oh that poor dog

  • Jacquelyn Wozniak
    Jacquelyn Wozniak


  • Saleh Othman
    Saleh Othman


  • Soul King
    Soul King

    Adrenaline really gives us superhuman strength

  • Destiny Haddix
    Destiny Haddix

    Is the dog ok???

  • Jason Fields
    Jason Fields

    Yeah I'm not sure about this pretty sure this dude didn't do the proper research needed for this decision lol



  • wesnelle bonnet
    wesnelle bonnet

    They want to kill people but he will go first from that weelchair God is wacthing

  • peace azure
    peace azure

    🧬I HOPE they're checking his dna against open cases (nationwide) rn. He's def done this before

  • Blanca W
    Blanca W

    It wasn't like they dropped him on the floor. It was a slip of the hand on to the table from inches above. Thankfully there were 3 people there who all went in to catch him. Obviously nobody wants that to happen but everything is not a lawsuit. That condition he has is common in premature babies and can't be linked to that.

  • Earthmovin Cody
    Earthmovin Cody

    Funny how Businesses have a choice to require mask but didn’t have a choice at the beginning.

  • SUN G
    SUN G

    What happened to dog

  • Verna Morales
    Verna Morales

    Sir you are a hero !! Thank you foe saving her

  • Rob Tierney
    Rob Tierney

    I saw what the other dog did.

  • OliverClotheshoffe

    27? The stench alone would have killed them.

  • G

    the black dog was so worried abt his friends 😢

  • Lori Lighstey
    Lori Lighstey

    This is one example of why you should carrryyyyyy, hopefully they find the dogs and he recovers well.

  • Cinna Mon
    Cinna Mon

    Now, I thought that dogs could swim...Wth? Great job mum

  • S VC
    S VC


  • Bobby Ramirez
    Bobby Ramirez

    Poor dude😔 awesome mom 🙏😄

  • Jase Yiu
    Jase Yiu

    My mom is 70 years old, I’ll stop going out all together since mandate is ending. He’s driving all the wealthy people away from Texas, expect real estate to take a hit also. Seriously, most small business already went out of business a long time ago. I wonder how much money is under the table for this kind of decisions.

  • Austin B
    Austin B

    That’s a nice truck tho

  • Marwan Amr
    Marwan Amr


  • Anirudh Reddy
    Anirudh Reddy

    And thats THE WONDER WOMAN in real life

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown


  • USA #1
    USA #1

    He admitted to Corden that he wasn't thinking when he threw it. Obviously.

  • Thomas Dressler
    Thomas Dressler

    Sounds like he got shot in the puss puss

  • Jasmin Scott
    Jasmin Scott

    And they're protecting the white woman.....hilarious

  • Bo Goss
    Bo Goss

    Well, it needs to happen once so it won’t happen next time. May be use strap next time? It’ll take 1 or 2 min extra but it is better than dropping the fridge.

  • rong wang
    rong wang

    james problem started when he was born 41 year ago, his mother had him to collect benefits


    What an idiot. The mask mandate is only a small inconvenience. Another example of a person that is past his prime that is clearly too old to hold public office. He would do much less harm driving a school bus or being a greeter at Walmart.

  • Fernando Guglielmi
    Fernando Guglielmi

    That mean never buy a Honda 650 buy a 1000cc😂

  • John Schult
    John Schult

    Did the dog survive?

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy

    I hope he/she gets better soon

  • reene zeigler
    reene zeigler

    I’m glad that’s what he was able to do!

  • Stella Chagoya
    Stella Chagoya

    Reckless decision ...i wish I didn't live in texas but I have another year on lease smh 🥺

    • Red Leader
      Red Leader

      You a California liberal...

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran

    Did the dog make it?

  • Anthony Svenforsic
    Anthony Svenforsic

    It’s not like it’s the Stanley cup... relax

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas

    Your Democrats

  • Be Peaceful always
    Be Peaceful always

    Such a beautiful woman.

  • T

    To be honest I thought the fall was gonna be worse, but it was indeed still terrible. I was thinking from the arms to the floor


    Died ?

  • Юля Будникова
    Юля Будникова

    Какая смелая девушка! Надеюсь, собачка жива здорова🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Billy Targaryen
    Billy Targaryen

    Omggggg the epitome of motherly instinct