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  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime

    Funny that people like this always get taken into custody and they murder people that they shouldn't. This is the time to kill the person when you arrive on the scene.

  • Yautja Prime
    Yautja Prime

    Imagine all the things you did as a small child that you were punished for. Now imagine that punishment was being murdered by your own mother... So sad

  • Katy Ramirez
    Katy Ramirez


  • John Lawer
    John Lawer

    You shouldve taught him how to behave then.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish

    What is that meth mummy?

  • Kody B.
    Kody B.

    Why the F* is he wearing a freaking mask? Like its you and the camera man. You look like a FN Idiot. Oh I better wear my Shame muzzle When there's nobody around. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Bike Builder
    Bike Builder

    Ya just keep editing more and more of this FF situation.

  • Pen Island
    Pen Island

    We need more people in our justice system like Jon Hatami, dude is an incredible human being and the only good thing that came out of Gabriel’s trial was that we got to meet this man.

  • LeO

    oh, the love - Hi Buddy 😌

  • LuLu Lovlie
    LuLu Lovlie

    But wait... no adverse reactions to these vaccines have been reported remember?! People who think the vaccines are dangerous are crazy conspiracy freaks! Little fact checker info boxes are attached to most posts questioning the honesty of covid info because nothing has gone wrong or been reported wrong when it comes to covid or the vaccines... 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Pretty sure the young man who had a cerebral hemorrhage due to blood clot issues from the vaccine during the trial, had that issue/reported it before the media swore up & down there were no reported serious adverse reactions. Then they attacked people for questioning the vaccines because no reported serious adverse reactions had come up.... oops. Guess those anti-vaccine people who were concerned about serious damage to their health, might have some cause to back that up. How does anyone take the media seriously when the weathermen can’t even report the weather accurately?

  • David Lavoie
    David Lavoie

    Why the public would trust anything this company makes is surprising. The class action lawsuits against them over the years should be reason enough not to trust them. All the pharmaceutical companies making vaccines have zero liability that should send a clear signal that their bottom line is all they care about.....ever

  • Dan Everton
    Dan Everton

    It reminds me of Bart Simpson thumping Homer in the bath tub with the chair, cos he thinks it would make a cool stunt.

  • Zavislakgames

    0:20 lol

  • RjFrmDawic

    This doesn’t sound right ....

  • azuro1978

    Swamp gas or weather Balloon :D

  • robert hanzmann
    robert hanzmann

    WHEN CAN I GET MY J & J CYANIDE POWER SHOT ?????????????????????????? HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert hanzmann
    robert hanzmann

    I WANT MY J & J CYANIDE POWER SHOT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bora Bora
    Bora Bora

    Toutes La police c'est des chiens

  • 1nonly Damarion
    1nonly Damarion

    Dat man lying ong listen to him



  • moshiko ssaass
    moshiko ssaass

    people who abuse their kids dont even understand how it feels to be abused like that, or either they are sickos who love to inflict pain on others. either way they need a daily beatdown until their base instincts will change

  • OneEyedGemini Productions
    OneEyedGemini Productions

    pfffft...i'll just do the same thing i did in 2003 when the same virus came up (SARS)......nothing...and lived...i'll just avoid all the side-effects all together lol

  • NoahTheNarwhal Playz
    NoahTheNarwhal Playz

    No one get the vaccine. We are not lab rats! You hear me? WE ARE NOT YOUR DEMOCRATS TEST SUBJECTS

  • A LR
    A LR

    Where's the father?

  • Jodi Rambo
    Jodi Rambo

    Fear over blood clots. Hmm, why would anyone trust Johnson & Johnson? That company has the worst reputation of all. Keep getting vaccinated.

  • Paul Luther Torres
    Paul Luther Torres

    Shot all the criminals in the head. End of story...

  • xxx

    🐀👀 now we watch.

  • handymandy20


  • Van Chien Ha
    Van Chien Ha


  • Adrian Dejacomo
    Adrian Dejacomo

    I know this might go unseen and might be over used but Fr thank you so much to LEO and this is why I stand with the men and women in blue

  • Dee Cha
    Dee Cha

    First of all, don't leave a traffic stop for any reason. If you have a warrant, just man up. Second (to the cop), know the difference between your taser and your gun or find a different job!

  • Price Trisha
    Price Trisha

    he shouldn't have resisted then

  • Foch Gt
    Foch Gt

    nice mic

  • Bryce Jefferis
    Bryce Jefferis

    Called it

  • sugiono tan
    sugiono tan

    So coward hit old lady and still loose hahaha.

  • Burger Mister
    Burger Mister


  • Google User
    Google User

    Was me or did she have dried blood on it

  • Ella Sterling
    Ella Sterling

    Black man attacking an Asian! The shock 😱

  • C Jihad
    C Jihad

    Tht lawyer Needs to be fired ASAP

  • Data Ender
    Data Ender


  • sachit chaudhary
    sachit chaudhary

    Good lady

  • Ugine Ugine
    Ugine Ugine

    what did i say!!!

  • itzrealzy 919
    itzrealzy 919

    Reduce they sentences

  • Chris White
    Chris White

    Typical of our click-bait Leftard Media...never the full picture...what else happened? Did anybody else just see what I saw? The car was moving...what did it hit? At least 1 person was in the back seat. What happened to them? The driver went after the guy who threw the firework in the car...what happened?

  • Людмила Калмакова
    Людмила Калмакова

    Какие-то трусливые полицейские, наши бы давно задержали

  • Titz Magee
    Titz Magee

    Doubt he works

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One

    When will robbers learn, if they don’t want to get shot then don’t break into people’s home. It’s that simple. Most people in USA are armed in their home. Some of them possess very scary weapons.

  • Yount Freshly
    Yount Freshly

    Yikes!!!! Donald is scary

  • Brandin Ellis
    Brandin Ellis

    Let's get something straight If you put 1' in front of the other you can walk If you put your hands behind your bag let the officer arrest you you would go to jail and you would still be here today And because you choose to try and run from the cops yet again you are now dead An hour pointing fingers at the people protecting and serving.. this makes sense

  • Dallon Ghan
    Dallon Ghan

    Majority of these comments are disgusting. If that was your child that had been shot for resisting arrest! How would you feel? I resisted arrest when I was 19 because I had a small party with 30 friends over. The police were aggressive and Forced their way into my house. They had no warrant, they had no authority to enter. Things got real messy really quick. They arrested 7 of us. Police are overly hostile. Too quick to be aggressive. The authority and power they have is absurd. And if you're making comments and joking about this, take a look in the mirror. There is a problem.

  • Pr Twincam
    Pr Twincam

    Tractor trailer???????????????

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    Blue lives murder

  • Shivangi Singh
    Shivangi Singh

    This is freaking cute

  • Chris Engstrom
    Chris Engstrom

    Shoots at the guy as he drives away?!? How is that not attempted murder? unless of course the other dude fired 1st.

  • El Pepe
    El Pepe

    It was the guy in the cars fault

  • Madeline Whitley
    Madeline Whitley

    Too bad this dogs not a pit bull,it wouldn't have taken that abuse.

  • Dee

    Suggestion: put it on loop for an hour if you have a bad day.

  • Dee

    Kitten prepared to go forward!!! Cheers!!!

  • Madeline Whitley
    Madeline Whitley

    I would've slammed her (the person) on the floor when I got home.WTH.

  • Dayanara Mercado
    Dayanara Mercado

    The same thing happened to me. I was at a store with my parents. It was a bad side of town. We had to stop because my mom had to get some medicine or something. But I was walking behind my parents and I was on Phone when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I screamed. He kept saying save her she needs help. And my dad tackled the dude and my mom grabbed me. But when the guy put his hand on l’y should I turned around and swung at him and that’s when my dad pushed me always and attacked the dude. The dude got arrested and he wasent on any drugs. And he didt have any mental disability. It’s creepy and ever since I’ve been more cautiouse of my surroundings.

  • JHAE

    The FDA approves any kind of medication that doesnt have an effect within 30 days of testing. this is known

  • Jennifer T
    Jennifer T

    Yes I recommend womply as well. My cousin was already funded and apply for the second draw, I give it a try with the help of *scoffedhacks* on telegram I was funds. What an honest man

  • Daveedi

    is everyone having fun being lab rats? good good.. have fun with that...

  • eye honey
    eye honey


  • TheDarkaxe888

    it gave my dog aids

  • Judy Lanza
    Judy Lanza

    Nowadays nobody said about stupid behavior

  • JHAE

    my grandmother was adamant about getting the J&J vaccine and im a hotline vaccine rep scheduling appts.. she has anemia so right now the J&J is OFF the table

  • Cierra Holmes
    Cierra Holmes

    Man...I would have spazzed..god bless her baby

  • Jorge Egroj
    Jorge Egroj

    Good work officers!

  • K M Hemmans
    K M Hemmans

    This is a disastrous. May the Lord bless those little ones

  • Brian Gilbert
    Brian Gilbert

    No sound 😡🤬

  • Ronald Ayers
    Ronald Ayers

    Wait. The cops were called because he was black??? It didn't matter if this idiot was green. You mess up, you mess up. The police didn't show up because there was a black person in public; they showed up because there was in individual suspected of committing a crime. How hard is that to understand. It has nothing to do with race. And it's pathetic that anyone made it about race. It had to do with someone being accused of breaking the law. Unfortunately individuals of "color" far to often exceed caucasians in law breaking due to a proven poor upbringing. They are raised to fall back on the crutch of race and coached ideas of inequality as justification for bad decision making as adults. It's pathetic to be honest. Step up and actually create change instead of excuses. Once you're an adult it's in your hands.

  • shubham dhamecha
    shubham dhamecha

    yes officer I accidentally operated on kidney instead of lungs and the patient died, I am a professional with 26 years of experience"

  • Paula P
    Paula P

    This video is narratated perfectly with the shot of the woman then the boy in the stretcher

  • Corrado Cattani
    Corrado Cattani

    Vladimir Putin to account for violation of privacy, personal and family secrets, for violation of the rights of Russians to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph and other messages. ⚠ *Caution! President Vladimir Putin is a manic, greedy pervert.* His employees use spy equipment in the homes of citizens ("bugs", hidden cameras) violating laws, recording audio-video of the personal and family life of citizens. They launched all-weather spy satellites with modern equipment capable of recording high-quality audio-video and receiving personal information even through the overlapping of buildings 24 hours a day, about which the population was not warned.

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez

    Esto si es un departamento de policía , no como en mi país , triste mente actúan así una vez cada 100 años

  • Taintickler MonkeyStabber
    Taintickler MonkeyStabber

    No biggie whats a blood clot between friends .

  • Carlos Delgado
    Carlos Delgado

    He failed to tell his mom he had warrants that's why he was asked to step out the car.